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What's Included

  • 2 Full-length Matrigma-style practice tests 
  • 4 Matrices exercises 
  • 11 Additional inductive reasoning exercises 
  • 1 Inductive reasoning video tutorial 
  • Matrigma study guide 
  • Helpful explanations for each question 
  • Money back guarantee – see terms and conditions


The Matrigma test was first created by a company called Assessio, however, it is now owned by Hogan Assessment Systems and the Hogan global network. Matrigma consists of several assessment tools which measure test-takers' General Mental Ability (GMA). This exam helps employers assess one’s cognitive capabilities compared to other job seekers.  

This test is made up of matrices and is based on the well-known Raven matrices, which is the original matrix test. The Matrigma cognitive test does not consist of words, so it can be used worldwide regardless of the language spoken.  


Start Practicing with Our Matrigma PrepPack™ 

As JobTestPrep, it is our job to help you succeed in your upcoming Matrigma cognitive test and interview. We do this by offering you an all-inclusive PrepPack, brimming with study guides, 2-full length online Matrigma assessment tests, a video tutorial, answer explanations, and more. With our customized practice materials, you are sure to receive the preparation you need to come out on top! 


What Does the Matrigma Test Consist Of? 

The Matrigma test questions are used to evaluate how candidates’ make logical connections, comprehend the relationship between objects, and find similar factors between objects.  

The two main reasons why this exam is so different from other psychometric entrance exams is because it takes twice the amount of time to complete (40 minutes instead of 20), and the difficulty level is increased as you go along. 

How to Answer Matrigma Test Questions 

Passing the Matrigma test requires lots of practice. When you become more familiarized with the common concepts, you will feel prepared and ready to solve any question that comes your way.  

Below are several concepts which will help you know what to look for on the real test:  

  • Changing colors
  • Changing numbers
  • Rotation and movement
  • Flipping and mirroring 
  • Folding and symmetry

Sample Matrigma test questions and answer explanations can be found below:  

Question 1:  

Answer Explanation: 

When looking at each row individually, the right image is created by combining the left and middle images. The gray part is the overlap of the two images.  

Given this information, the answer is 2.  


Question 2: 

Answer Explanation: 
When looking at each row individuallythe middle images are combined to create the right image. The bottom image in each column is a combination of the two upper images as well.  
The combination rules are as follows: 

1. A color stays the same when it overlaps itself 
2. Black always stays the same  
3. Gray + white = black 
Given this information, the answer is 1. 

Matrigma Test Tips

When preparing to take your Matrigma assessment test, make sure to follow the following tips to feel fully prepared:

  • Get a good night's rest before the test day
  • Arrive at the testing location on time
  • Review the test instruction carefully before answering 
  • Don't rush through each question 
  • Take note of the concepts and patterns which appear for each question
  • Stay calm and confident during the test
  • Make sure to use our PrepPacks™ to feel prepared beforehand!


Matrigma Test Preparation

By using our exclusive Matrigma online test practice, you are sure to get ahead and improve your test-taking abilities. Each question is uniquely designed to mimic the actual test and will help you get a grasp of what to expect when aiming to improve your score. Start practicing today! 

Matrigma and other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders. None of the trademark holders are affiliated with JobTestPrep or this website. JobTestPrep provides preparation for psychometric tests.


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