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JobTestPrep’s ITW PrepPacks™

During the hiring process, you'll be asked to take several ITW tests. You are asked to complete these tests online. To successfully move on to the next stage of the hiring process, utilize JobTestPrep's comprehensive preparation packages to give yourself the best chance of success.


"Very helpful! I was nervous regarding the series of interviews I was about to encounter, and though I was a bit skeptic at first, I got the job!"

Josef S., candidate for Key Account Manager at ITW

ITW PI Tests

The Predictive Index (PI) Behavioral Assessment measures four primary characteristics of personality: dominance, extroversion, patience, and formality. From the view of prospective employers, the goal of administering a PI Behavioral Assessment is predicting workplace performance, and candidates' responses on the PI indicate behavioral propensities. There are two pages of the assessment, each containing a list of 86 adjectives, and the assessment is untimed.

ITW Online Aptitude Assessments Mathematical Reasoning Tests

Mathematical Reasoning tests are used by ITW as a way to determine your mathematical abilities, some of which you may not have used in years. Our in-depth PrepPacks™ will not only help you brush up on these latent skills, but also expose you to the questions you will most likely encounter during your employment assessments.

 ITW Situational Judgement Tests

ITW Situational Judgement Test (SJT) presents you with real-life scenarios to find out how you would handle situations you could encounter in your work. Whilst the layout of the test can vary depending on the test provider, typically you would read a description of a situation followed by multiple choice questions. You should select the for you least and most likely reaction out of the options. This test provides your prospective employer with the information to decide if you suit the company’s work environment.


Get Ready for your Heavy Industry & Engineering Company Test

Practicing is the key to confidently pass your pre-employment assessments and interviews. Surpass the competition throughout the company’s recruitment process using our in-depth practice materials and study guides!


ITW Interview Process

Properly getting ready for your interview takes more than a quick google search to find top interview questions. There are several factors to bear in mind before walking into the face-to-face. Learn all that you can about the company and its culture, take a look at the company’s social media outlets (FB and Twitter) to better get acquainted. Contemplate your skills, accomplishments and prepare numbers and statistics to show off what you have done. Lastly, practice a question and answer period in front of friends or the mirror, so the answers will roll of your tongue during the live interview.

What Skills Do Mathematical Tests Measure?

Mathematical tests are designed to look at the range of skills and abilities needed to perform most jobs. Some of the skills and abilities include basic math or computations skills, such as the four basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), percentages, ratios, analyzing graphs, and other numerical data.

Is It Necessary to Prepare Prior to Taking the ITW Test?

Taking the time to familiarise yourself with the structure of the ITW mathematical test is crucial to eliminating the element of surprise. Understanding the structure of the test as well as the appropriate responses will definitely give you a leg up on other candidates who will also be taking the same test. JobTestPrep offers countless useful resources to ensure you are prepared come test day.

What Should I Expect During the ITW Recruitment Process?

The hiring process for ITW can vary depending on the position you have applied for, and your local branch. After you have submitted your application you should expect to be contacted for an interview. If you pass the initial interview, you will be contacted again with a request to take one or more aptitude tests to assess your compatibility with the duties you will be performing on the role, as well as within the workplace and among personnel. These tests will most likely be conducted at the ITW assessment center alongside several other candidates.


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