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Intertape polymer Pre-Hire Guide

The Intertape polymer hiring process will no doubt throw its fair share of challenges your way. JobTestPrep has specially engineered preparation guides designed to make the preparation experience as painless, simple and smooth as possible. Your Intertape polymer pre-hire exams may include the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability test or the Caliper Assessment Test alongside the company interviews to ensure that you can back up your claims and show off your true skill-sets.

Start Practicing!

Intertape polymer Interview

The interview process at the company is fairly standard and includes two phone screenings, and a panel interview, which will include a presentation. It is important for you to try to think of what they might ask, as preparation will give you leverage in your answers. Here are some sample questions.

Interview Question for Thought


  • Do you have any questions for us? You should see this question as a test on itself and if you did not do your homework on the company before you failed. Look beyond the website, to social media and even google news and ask questions on the state of the company, its culture, direction, and products.
  • How early can you start? Sometimes this question is asked in order to throw you off guard. In the event that you currently have a job tell them how much time you have to give your current employer in order that they can transition. This will show integrity, but remember that just because they ask you when you can start does not mean it's in the bag.
  • Why do you think you will excel in this company? Think deeper than technical answers about money, commute and work hours, try to dig into what the company is really about. Talk about company culture, products or success in relation to competitors.


Intertape polymer Pre-Hire Exams

Caliper Assessment Test

This test is not a pass or fail and is more about testing your job performance. The test includes 160 questions in multiple choice format and should take you around 3 hours to complete. Make sure to fill out all answers, because the test cannot be scored with even one blank.

Wonderlic Cognitive Ability

The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test, which is also named Wonderlic Personnel Test, includes 50 questions that need to be answered within 12 minutes. The test includes math, English, logic, general knowledge, and clerical multiple-choice questions. It is usually used during pre-employment processes and job selections.


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