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About JobTestPrep’s Hilton PeopleAnswers Packs

Make sure you top the competition with JobTestPrep's preparation packs before starting the Hilton recruitment process. Our comprehensive range of packs will provide you with the knowledge and confidence you need to ace the application, test and interview process no matter the position you are going for.


"The practice tests helped me pass the assessments at Hilton."

Hilton's PeopleAnswers Assessment Test

PeopleAnswers offers an online cognitive ability test and a personality assessment. Your employer may ask you to complete one or both of these exams. PeopleAnswers' cognitive ability test has a time limit of 10 minutes. The tests consists of 60 questions, including number sequences, verbal analogies, and math word problems. PeopleAnswers' personality test is not timed, but it usually takes about 25 minutes to complete. The test consists of 230 questions. These questions ask about your behavior at work as well as how you see yourself at work in terms of leadership, completing tasks on time, and obeying your supervisors. You must choose one response out of five. Response range from 'Strongly Agree' to 'Strongly Disagree'. Below are a few sample questions:
1. Co-workers describe me as assertive.
2. It is okay to not follow directions in order to complete a task better.
3. I like to support others and to help them succeed.
4. Supervisors know that I work better independently than as part of a team. Your responses to both tests are scored according to the skills required for the job you've applied for.

Hilton’s Microsoft Word Test

These tests are often part of the job recruitment process. They can be taken at any point in the process, although most candidates will take the Microsoft Word test during their interview. The Microsoft Word test measures your ability to complete tasks at various levels and is entirely interactive, attempting to simulate how Word is used in the workplace.


The Most Efficient Way to Prepare for Your Hilton Assessment Tests

At JobTestPrep, we specialize in preparing job candidates for their pre-employment assessment at the company of their choice. After having thoroughly researched on the company’s tests and interview process, we model our tests and drills on its official tests and thus ensure that no question on examination looks unfamiliar and daunting to job candidates. Make sure to practice with our materials and pass your test confidently and easily.


Hilton Interview Process

A phone interview may be the first interview you go through during the recruitment process. This type of interview is generally used for applicants who live far from the company, or as an additional screening measure to decide whether an applicant is suitable to continue through the remainder of the process. Phone interviews typically last around 10-30 minutes and will cover such topics as your availability, salary expectations, previous work experience, etc. Phone interviews may be scheduled or done at random. During the phone interview, be sure that you are in a quiet area with a good phone connection to limit any potential distractions or interruptions.

How is the Verbal Reasoning Test Scored?

Most of the Verbal Reasoning tests do not have a predetermined passing score. Your score is calculated in relation to the scores of other applicants who are vying for similar positions. The number of your correct answers, called raw score, is compared to raw scores of people applying for a position in your area. Such a calculating method can sometimes be disadvantageous, since your correct answers would not necessary bespeak good results. Even if you answer correctly 27 out of 30 questions, your test will not be deemed successful, if it turns out that other job candidates answered 29 questions correctly. If most of the test takers get more questions right than you do, this means that your score on the Verbal Reasoning Test is lower than the average result of your competitors.

Are There Different Variations of the Situational Judgement Test?

Yes, the test does come in multiple forms, such as computer or paper based. Hilton might only use text, while others throw pictures and video clips into the mix. Still other versions might use computer-generated avatars to create a scenario, to which you must respond usually textually. It is important to note that the SJT are usually not timed, it is important to answer them in a timely and accurate manner and watch for guidelines like “this question should take 10 minutes.”

Is It Necessary to Prepare Prior to Taking the Hilton PeopleAnswers Test?

Taking the time to familiarise yourself with the structure of the Hilton PeopleAnswers is crucial to eliminating the element of surprise. Understanding the structure of the test as well as the appropriate responses will definitely give you a leg up on other candidates who will also be taking the same test. JobTestPrep offers countless useful resources to ensure you are prepared come test day.


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