Prepare for the Harrison Assessment Tests

What JobTestPrep Offers

JobTestPrep can prepare you for tests such as the Harrison Job Suitability Assessment with our personality practice tests, which are accompanied by a detailed score report and full answer explanations. We also provide a guide outlining the ideal personality type for specific jobs. While our formatting and content are not tailored to that of the real Harrison test, our product will help you gain a better understanding of the type of person that is most likely to win employment in your desired field.

About Harrison Assessments

Harrison Assessments provides employment tests and assessment tools. Their employment tests are used by numerous organizations to refine and improve their hiring processes. Harrison Assessments offers various employment test options to enable comprehensive and systematic testing for any job.

Harrison Assessments

Harrison Assessments provides five different kinds of assessment tools:

  • Eligibility Assessment – Compares applicants to ideal job requirements. It can also be used within the hiring process. It measures qualifications, job experience, job skills, and education. It can be used as a pre-assessment test that takes 5 minutes or as a test during the interview process.
  • Harrison Job Suitability Assessment – A job-specific employment test related to attitudes, motivations, work values, engagement factors, interpersonal skills, and retention factors. It can be used for recruitment as well as developing performance, engagement, retention and work satisfaction.
  • Engagement and Retention Assessment – Used for job suitability. The score reports show key issues of engagement and retention. There are eight engagement metric categories that assess key engagement factors for individuals, groups, or the entire organization.
  • Harrison Career Navigator – Offers a personalized interactive online technology that provides predictive insight into career enjoyment and career success. The career system is used by career seekers, career counselors, schools, and universities for identifying suitable professions and guiding personal development to meet the requirements of different professions. It is also used by corporations for career planning and outplacement. Career seekers can also receive reports related to their greatest strengths or career development issues.
  • Job Analysis – Assesses the job and serves as the basis for all of Harrison Assessments' employment tests. It provides the structure for analyzing the work experience, skills, and education necessary to perform effectively on the job. The analysis identifies ideal requirements, minimum requirements, and the importance level of each factor.
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