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Granite Construction Internship Interview Process

Keeping in mind that the Granite Construction Internship is an intensive and fast paced environment, designed to take your skill-sets to the max, you must be ready for the interview process. Your interviews will be conducted by both HR managers and senior project engineers and will be in block format. The goal of the interview will be to grill you on past work experience and your Resume and it is important for you to bring your own questions to the table as well.

Granite Construction Hiring Tests

To prove that you have the skills you claim the company will administer various tests during your interview process.

  • Caliper Personality Test: The Caliper assessment is available online and in pen and paper formats. This is a multiple-choice exam with 180 questions. While most applicants spend between two to three 3 hours taking the Caliper personality test, there is no actual time limit. It is essential that you answer every question, as the Caliper test cannot be scored if there are any blank spaces on the answer sheet.
  • Mathematical Reasoning Test: Most of the mathematical reasoning tests used in the recruitment process will contain questions regarding the interpretation and use of information presented in the form of a graph/ table, as well as various word and number series problems. Brushing up on these skills prior to taking the numerical assessment will give you a definite advantage.

Interview Tips

Here are a few tips, which may come in handy during your interview?

  • Not too early or late: Make sure to arrive about 10 minutes early, it shows punctuality. However, coming too early will create an awkward situation ( and annoy the secretary), while arriving at the last second might show that you are unreliable.
  • Research: You will be asked if you have any questions. Take the time before the interview to research the company and ask questions, which show your interest in what the company does. This will go a long way in impressing the hiring manager.


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