Prepare for Canada's GATB Test: Free Sample Questions!

What Is the GATB?

The General Aptitude Test Battery, better known as GATB, is a series of tests designed to evaluate your aptitude in several fields:

  1. General Learning Skills – measures your reasoning and judgment abilities, as well as your ability to comprehend instructions.
  2. Form Perception – tests if you are detail-oriented, observant, and perceptive. It evaluates your ability to compare images and differentiate between them.
  3. Clerical Perception – measures your proofreading skills (both numbers and words), differentiation capabilities, perceptiveness, and ability to refrain from making computational errors.

The GATB is administered in a paper and pencil form with a 45-minute time limit.

Who Is Required to Take the GATB?

ATS, the provider of GATB, works in collaboration with several large organizations. If you wish to be a TTC officer or a special constable in Canada, you will be required to take the GATB test. In addition, if you wish to work in AECL's nuclear industry, based in Chalk River, you will be required to pass the GATB as well.

Validity and Waiting Period

If you succeed, your GATB test results remain valid for three years.

If you do not pass the test the first time, you must wait three months before retaking the test. If you do not pass it on subsequent attempts, you are required to wait at least six months before retaking the test.

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