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If you want to be selected as a member of the cabin crew, you will need to undergo a rigorous evaluation process. Read on to learn about the hiring process for flight attendant/cabin crew positions, and how JobTestPrep can help you shine in your interviews and assessment tests.

What Is the Hiring Process for Flight Attendants/Cabin Crew?

  1. Apply: Submit an online application, resume, and cover letter. 
  2. Complete a personality assessment: this test asks you true/false questions or asks you to rank how highly you identify with a particular statement. The purpose of personality tests is to build a "profile" comprised in of your typical behavioral patterns, in an attempt to determine if your personality is suitable for being a flight attendant. JobTestPrep's preparation materials include flight attendant training exam questions similar to those you will face on your flight attendant test.
  3. Record a video interview: Every airline asks a few standard questions in their video interviews, so you should research the airline online before your interview so that you can prepare.
  4. Phone interview: Some airlines ask candidates to complete a short phone interview. in addition to the video interview. Review your resume before your interview so you will be ready to draw upon relevant examples when talking about your work experience.
  5. In-person interview: Complete an in-person interview at one of the airline's locations. You can read more details about the in-person interview below.


What Will I Be Asked in Interviews?

The interview is your opportunity to tell the airline about past successes and lessons learned. You should answer questions according to the S.T.A.R. technique:  

  • S: state the situation
  • T: explain your task(s)
  • A: describe the actions you took
  • R: summarize the result

You may be alone in the interview with a manager or Human Resources representative, or you may be in a group interview. You may also participate in a group discussion or exercise with other candidates for fly attendant jobs, so be sure to demonstrate teamwork and interpersonal skills.

Some tips for your flight attendant/cabin crew interview:

  • Anticipate delays at airport security—arrive early.
  • Dress for success—wear a suit similar to those worn by flight attendants.
  • Practice public speaking beforehand, either alone or with a friend, because you may need to give a presentation or make an announcement during your interview.
  • Be ready for an additional flight attendant test that you may need to take on the spot.

Check out our interview preparation materials for more tips.

What Tests Will I Have to Take?

  • Situational judgment tests— In these test, you must indicate how you would react to a variety of work-related scenarios.
  • Capacity assessment— These tests include topics such as shape testing, flight crew testing, and flight crew operations. These skills are highly important for airline attendant jobs.
  • Personality tests— These tests evaluate your personality, approach to work, motivations, strengths, and weaknesses. 
  • Verbal reasoning tests— These tests assess your ability to understand written information under strict time constraints.
  • Logical reasoning— These tests evaluate your ability to draw conclusions and recognize important facts. Flying attendant jobs often require the use of logical thinking skills to solve problems that may arise during a flight.

What Do I Get in the Bundle?

  • English Comprehension & Vocabulary Study Materials
  • Interview Preparation Guide
  • Personality Profiling Guide
  • Basic Math Preparation Guide
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