Testing and Solving Tips for the FBI Entrance Exam
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Tips for the FBI Test

  • Don’t forget to bring a valid ID or driver’s license with a photo.
  • Plan ahead: make sure you know the exact location and time of the test so that there is no need to rush.
  • Read all of the test instructions carefully and make sure you fully understand them before beginning answering questions.
  • Do not over-interpret. There are no “trick” FBI test questions; they are meant to be straightforward.
  • There is no penalty for wrong answers. If you are unsure about a question, eliminate the least likely answers and guess.
  • Don’t stay too long on a difficult question. Your exam time is limited, so either make an educated guess or come back to the question later on.

Tips for the Biodata Inventory

  • Be honest. These are personal questions, and lying or exaggerating can negatively affect your score.
  • Stay consistent. Inaccurate or inconsistent answers may make it appear as though you are untruthful. However– don’t make consistency to portray you as a person with extreme characteristics.
  • Read the question and come up with the best solution for you. Then check to see which of the answers best matches yours.
  • Read all of the answer choices before marking one off. The most suitable answer may be the last.
  • Remember that your answers are actually self-representation of how you might be in the workplace. Think of yourself as an employee rather than how you act during your free time, and answer according to this notion.
  • The Biodata inventory is practically a personality test. Learn more about personality tests and how to prepare for them.

Tips for the FBI Logical Reasoning Test

  • Questions vary in difficulty level but with no particular order (difficult questions are dispersed among the more easy questions).
  • Use ONLY the information given in the paragraph. Do not use any outside/personal knowledge or experience.
  • Accept every fact in the paragraph as true. Remember, you are not being tested on your knowledge of the facts but your ability to draw a conclusion from them.
  • Put a special attention on seemingly harmless words such as “some”, “none”, “all”, “only”. They make precise statements and define the facts from which you are drawing conclusions.
  • We recommend practicing for the logical reasoning test by reviewing skills such as critical thinking, reading comprehension, and inferring conclusions from content.

Tips for the FBI Situational Judgment Test

  • Like the Biodata Inventory, stay honest and truthful. Your answer should be an accurate depiction of how you would react in a certain problematic situation.
  • Don’t make assumptions about what the FBI is looking for. Purposely picking extreme reactions, or moderate reactions that don’t suit you, can negatively affect your score.
  • As always, stay consistent. Your answers will mostly likely be compared to the previous Biodata Inventory in order to compare character traits, strengths and weaknesses, and personal beliefs.

FBI Practice Tests

Practicing test questions and becoming familiar with the contents of the exam is the most important part of any preparation process. JobTestPrep offers a complete FBI Logical Reasoning test-prep, including practice tests with custom-made questions, score reports, and detailed explanations in order to help you gain the confidence, experience, and practice you need to succeed in the exams.

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