ExxonMobil Process Technician Practice Pack

What You'll Get

  • SHL mechanical comprehension test
  • 8 mechanical reasoning tests
  • 2 technical checking tests + guide
  • 10 table and graph reading tests
  • 1 personality test
  • 30 single trait tests
  • 9 study guides

Note that in the testing center, you will not be allowed to use a calculator!


In our PrepPack™ you will find more than 10 mechanical reasoning tests, 8 simplistic mathematics exams, a personality test, and 30 single trait tests. Gain access to nearly 10 study guides on various topics for a more in-depth study of what you will experience in the coming weeks of your interview process. This combination pack will further escalate your chances of successfully winning your interviews.

Why Buy this Product?

Each of JobTestPrep's products are designed to help enhance your skill-sets. We want you to succeed and not miss your chance at employment due to an assessment tests. Furthermore, this particular PrepPack™ is designed to fit the needs of technicians. If you're applying to any kind of technician position in ExxonMobil's company, know that you've reached the right place. Don't take the chance, enhance yourself and invest in JobTestPrep today!

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