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Here you’ll find Dev10 Aptitude test practice questions along with information on the format and score of the exam.


What is the Dev10 Aptitude Test?

The Dev10 Aptitude Test is the second out of the multi-step application process for the Genesis10 Dev10 program – an intensive boot camp for training college graduates to become software developers, data analysts, or data engineers.

The test assesses your cognitive abilities in the following areas: Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Spatial Reasoning.

The Dev10 Aptitude Test contains 50 questions to be answered in 12 minutes, about 14 seconds per question. You need a score of 31 or above for being considered a strong fit. However, the passing score is relative and is based on the demand for the Dev10 training course.

The test covers 3 Cognitive Ability topics and 2 Personality Related topics:

  • Numerical Reasoning (Cognitive).
  • Verbal Reasoning (Cognitive).
  • Spatial Reasoning (Cognitive).
  • Motivation Potential Assessment (Personality).
  • Personality Test (Personality).

Before the test starts, you will be asked to answer a short questionnaire with contact info, a preferred location for the program, and career path interests.

Let’s try some free Dev10 Wonderlic-style practice questions, to see how well you handle the strict time limit of the exam.

DEV10 Aptitude Test Sample Questions

Below you’ll find free Dev10 Cognitive Ability practice questions.

Try to solve the questions within the time limit by pressing the timer icon⏲️

Good luck.



Numerical Reasoning 

The Numerical Reasoning section includes Word Problems, Number Series, and Basic Math practice questions. These help you get better at turning worded data into numbers, honing your calculation skills, spotting patterns in a series of numbers, and handling fractions, decimals, and formulas, all in a more professional context.

Word Problems Sample Question


Three students went out for lunch in a restaurant. Sophie ordered the business special for $8.50. Lauren ordered a full meal with dessert for $10.25. Mike ordered a drink for $2.25. The three of them split the check equally. Which of the following is the amount each of them paid?

A. 4.5

B. 6

C. 6.66

D. 7

E. 8.5

First, let's find the total amount spent:

Sophie: $8.50
Lauren: $10.25
Mike: $2.25

Total = $8.50 + $10.25 + $2.25 = $21

Now, they split the check equally among three of them.

$21 ÷ 3 = $7

So, each of them paid $7. The correct answer is D. 7.

Number Series Sample Question


Choose the correct answer

11 | 66 | 60 | 12 | 17 | ?

A. 13

B. 16

C. 68

D. 21

Answer and Explanation

In this question, you need to explore a series within a series. The intervals between the original numbers create a series of their own. If you examine this series separately, you will see it follows two rules:

  1. The mathematical operation alternates each time: multiplication, subtraction, division, addition...
  2. The absolute value of the intervals decreases by 1 every two steps: 6, 6, 5, 5...

Thus, in the next step, the mathematical operation should be multiplication and its absolute value should be 4. In other words, 17 should be multiplied by 4:
17 x 4 = 68

The correct answer is 68.

Verbal Reasoning 

The Verbal Reasoning section mainly includes Analogies and Antonyms/Synonyms practice questions that will help improve your ability to identify the relationship that exists between each pair of words as well as significantly improve your vocabulary.

Analogies Sample Question


Diversity : alike

A. meticulous: detail

B. integrate: merge

C. spontaneous: uncontrolled

D. harmony: conflicted

Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is harmony: conflicted.

When there is diversity in a group it means that its elements are not alike. In the same way, when there is harmony in a group it means that its elements are not conflicted.

Meticulous: detail is incorrect because meticulous is concerned with details and not lack of concern with details.
Integrate: merge is incorrect because they are synonyms of each other.

Antonyms / Synonyms Sample Question


Transformation most nearly means

A. Movement

B. Conversion

C. Preservation

D. Creation

Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is B.
Transformation means a complete change in form, composition, structure, appearance, condition or character. In other words, the conversion of one thing to another; therefore, conversion is the correct answer.

Spatial Reasoning

The Abstract Reasoning section includes Mirror Images, 3D Perspectives, From 2D to 3D, Graph Reasoning and Patterns, and Cube Folding practice questions. The goal is to enhance your spatial intelligence and strengthen your comprehension and manipulation of both two-dimensional and three-dimensional geometric objects.

Cube Folding Sample Question 


Which of the four possible options represents the cube in its folded form?

cube folding question

 Choose the correct answer

cube folding question option

Answer and Explanation  

The correct answer is (C).

If you rotate cube (C) 90 degrees clockwise, you can see that the black arrow points at the tail of the blue arrow, and there is a red arrow left of the blue arrow. In the unfolded cube, the black arrow on facet number six points at the tail of the blue arrow on facet number two, and the red arrow on facet number one is to its left like in cube (C), making it the correct answer.

cube folding answer

Answer (A) is incorrect because in the unfolded cube facets one and three are on opposite sides and can’t touch, so the answer can’t contain two red arrows.

Answer (B) is incorrect because in the unfolded cube all blue arrows point at the same direction as the red arrows, and there isn’t a red arrow that points at a blue arrow like in cube (B).

Answer (D) is incorrect because in the unfolded cube facets two and four are on opposite sides and can’t touch, so the answer can’t contain two blue arrows.

DEV10 Aptitude Test Tips and Insights

As you probably noticed from the practice questions above, solving aptitude questions within the strict time limit is not easy.

Here are some tips for improving your solution speed:

1. Avoid Overcommitting to a Single Question:

Every moment is crucial in the Wonderlic Assessment, so becoming hung up on a single problem can potentially undermine all your efforts. If the answer doesn't come to you, make an educated guess and proceed.

2. Begin with a Quick Pace, Then Gradually Slow:

Since time management is crucial, you might find it beneficial to answer the questions you know first, then return to the more difficult ones later. This ensures that you're getting the most points possible.

3. Learn to Eliminate Wrong Answers:

If you're stuck on a question, try to rule out incorrect answers. This strategy can help increase your odds of selecting the right one if you have to guess.

4. Prepare for a Variety of Question Types:

The Wonderlic test includes a variety of question types, including mathematics, vocabulary, logic, and general knowledge. Review these areas during your preparation to ensure you're ready for anything the test throws at you.

What Is the Genesis10 Dev10 Program?

Genesis10 is a technology services firm that provides an outsourcing workforce. The genesis10 software development program, called Dev10, is a 27-months program for training college graduates to become full-stack software developers. The program includes 13 weeks of intensive training focused on Data Analysis and Data Engineering, with topics such as Python, SQL, Excel, and Power BI. Afterward, they are placed in entry-level positions in different companies throughout the US. The participants receive a steady paycheck throughout the program.

There are several openings for cohorts throughout the year according to the subject of specialization (JAVA, DATA, etc.) and the program's location.

The Genesis10 Dev10 Program application and screening process includes five steps –

  • Live information session with the other candidates
  • Behavioral interview
  • Web Development crash-course
  • Collaborative group interview

While the information session and the interview mostly require mental preparation, the only part of the selection process you can really study for beforehand is the aptitude test, which is also the trickiest step in the application process. You can take practice tests to sharpen your mathematical and logical skills.

Dev10 Reviews

Here are some informative reviews about the training program taken from



"Great Bootcamp, solid education responsive instructors and HR team great job placement team boot camp is paid 15% raise after one year "performance-based" but essentially guaranteed".

"Training is worth it. Worked on a different project every week. Concluded with a capstone"

"Good option for career changers wanting to be in IT or software. Good placement rate."

"Paid to train in Full Stack Development. Instructors are willing to help 24/7. Placement at client site after the completion of training"


"Pay is definitely low for an entry-level engineer Two-year employment contract Clients are mostly financial institutions"

"You have to sign a 2-year contract and owe $20k for the training if you break it."




What Is the Dev10 Entry-Level Software Developer Salary?

According to Glassdoor the average salary of a dev10 graduate developer is between 87,000$-137,000$ and 109,000$ on average,

What Does a Dev10 Entry-Level Software Developer Do?

Dev10 Software Developer graduates assist Fortune 500 companies with a range of technology projects, including Full-Stack Application Development, Salesforce, PEGA, QA Automation, and more.

What Is the Dev10 Software Developer Training Program?

The Dev10 software developer training program is a 3-month, full-time program that teaches you the skills you need to become a software developer. You'll learn Java, Python, data science, and more. You'll also work on real-world projects with industry mentors.

The best part about the Dev10 program is that you get paid from the day you start training. This means that you can focus on learning and not worry about how you're going to pay your bills.

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