Dev10 Aptitude Test – the Complete Guide and Practice [2023]
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What is the Dev10 Aptitude Test?

The Dev10 Aptitude Test is the second out of the multi-step application process for the Genesis10 Dev10 program – an intensive boot camp for training college graduates to become software developers, data analysts, or data engineers.

The test assesses your logic and reasoning abilities with topics like pattern recognition, logic puzzles, and mathematical reasoning.

The Dev10 Aptitude Test contains 29 questions to be answered in 75 minutes, about 2.5 minutes per question. You need a score of 18 or above to pass the test. However, the passing score is based upon demand as well, so you may need a higher score in more popular locations.

The test comprises a mix of open-ended and multiple-choice questions.

Once you received the test, you have 48 hours to complete it.

The test covers five topics:

  • Pattern Recognition
  • Sequences
  • Deduction
  • Conversion
  • Visualization

Before the test starts, you will be asked to answer a short questionnaire with contact info, a preferred location for the program, and career path interests.

DEV10 Aptitude Test Sample Questions

Pattern Recognition

The pattern recognition topic includes 8-9 figural reasoning and coding and decoding questions. Both types assess your solving skills and perception of logical concepts. You can see below a sample of a coding and decoding question.

This is probably the most challenging test section. Not only does it require complex thinking patterns, but the questions are also very unique for the Dev10 Aptitude Test, and can be found nowhere else.

Dev10 Aptitude Test section – Pattern Recognition Sample Question

If SPAGHETTI can be written as PGETPGET, how would you write the word PARALYZED?


Answer and Explanation

The answer is AAYEAAYE

The letters present in even positions (2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th) are repeated twice.






The sequence topic includes 6-7 number series and direction questions. While the number series questions assess your numerical reasoning skills, the direction questions evaluate your logical reasoning. You can see below a sample of a direction question.

Dev10 Aptitude Test section – Sequences Sample Question

You are facing North. Turn 90 degrees left. Reverse direction. Turn 45 degrees left. Reverse direction. Which direction are you facing?


Answer and Explanation

The answer is Southwest:

From facing North, turning 90 degrees left means facing West. Reversing means East. Turning 45 degrees left means Northeast. And reversing finally gives us Southwest.



The deduction topic includes 7-9 of numerical and logical deduction (syllogism). Both types of questions assess your thinking patterns abilities. You can see below a sample of a logical deduction question.

Dev10 Aptitude Test section – Deduction Sample Question

Five people are standing in line to get the newest smartphone model.

1. Johnny is in the exact middle of the line.
2. Robert is directly in front of Lisa.
3. Madison is not last or first.
4. David is before Johnny.

What is the order of the line?


Answer and Explanation

1. First, create a representation of the line and add in the first fact:

___, ___, Johnny, ___, ___,

2. Then go over the facts and see what you can add. Fact 4 has 2 possibilities:

___, David, Johnny, ___, ___   /   David, ___, Johnny, ___, ___

(Note that both are currently possible since 4 does not say "directly before".)

We can now add in fact 2- There is only one place for 2 adjacent people.

___, David, Johnny, Lisa, Robert  /  David, ___, Johnny, Lisa, Robert

4. Adding fact 3, we can eliminate the leftmost option and end up with:

David, Madison, Johnny, Lisa, Robert: which is the order of the line.

Note that we could swap the order of steps 2 and 3 and end up with the same solution.


The conversion topic includes 1-3 Verbal math problems in which you will be asked to convert one currency system to another. This type of question assesses your numerical reasoning. You can see below a sample of a conversion question:

Dev10 Aptitude Test section – Conversion Sample Question

In a video game, the following currency system is used:

One Platinum Coin is worth seventeen Gold Coins.

Twenty-nine Silver Coins are worth one Gold Coin.

A knight wishes to buy armor that costs 1000 Silver Coins. What is the minimal number of coins he can use? (The blacksmith wants exact change!)


Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is 16 coins.

Each Platinum Coin is worth 17 x 29 = 493 Silver Coins.

Therefore, 1000 Silver Coins can be paid with 2 Platinum Coins and 14 Silver Coins:

2 x 493 + 14 = 986 + 14 = 1000.

So, a total of 16 coins.




The visualization topic includes about 4 questions in which you will be presented with verbal data, and you will need to visualize the process to reach the answer. This type of question assesses your data processing abilities. You can see below a sample of a visualization question.  

Dev10 Aptitude Test section– Visualization 

What is the angle between the hands of a clock at 5:45? 


Answer and Explanation  

The correct answer is 97.5 deg. 

At 5:45, The minutes hand is pointing directly at 9, and the hours hand is pointing three-fourths of the way between 5 and 6.


Since the clock is a circle, it has a 360-degree angle. Dividing it into 12 hours gives us an angle of 30 between each number on the clock.

Looking at the clock, we can see that there are 3 full numbers and an additional 0.25 between them. 

So, to get the angle, we must multiply 30 by 3.25:

30 x 3.25 = 30 x 3 + 30 x 0.25 = 90 + 7.25 = 97.5.

DEV10 Aptitude Test Tips and Insights

  • You cannot stop or pause once you started the test, but you can go back and forth between questions. If you don’t have enough time to validate your answer, it is best to guess and move on and not submit the test with unanswered questions.
  • The test assesses your thinking patterns and abilities, and not your calculation skills. Therefore, don’t hesitate to use a calculator.
  • The most complex type of questions in the test is the coding and decoding questions. However, there are several tricks that can make these questions easy to solve, including numbering the position of every letter position (A=1, B=2, C-3, D=4……). 
  • Not many people manage to answer 18 of the 29 questions and pass the test. The right preparation is the only key to acing the test and moving on to the next step of the DEV10 program screening process.

What Is the Genesis10 Dev10 Program?

Genesis10 is a technology services firm that provides an outsourcing workforce. The genesis10 software development program, called Dev10, is a 27-months program for training college graduates to become full-stack software developers. The program includes 13 weeks of intensive training focused on Data Analysis and Data Engineering, with topics such as Python, SQL, Excel, and Power BI. Afterward, they are placed in entry-level positions in different companies throughout the US. The participants receive a steady paycheck throughout the program.

There are several openings for cohorts throughout the year according to the subject of specialization (JAVA, DATA, etc.) and the program's location.

The Genesis10 Dev10 Program application and screening process includes five steps –

  • Live information session with the other candidates
  • Behavioral interview
  • Web Development crash-course
  • Collaborative group interview

While the information session and the interview mostly require mental preparation, the only part of the selection process you can really study for beforehand is the aptitude test, which is also the trickiest step in the application process. You can take practice tests to sharpen your mathematical and logical skills.


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