Iowa Civil Service

Each city/county in Iowa has their own civil service system. When applying for a job you will need to read all parts of the job announcement, to see if an exam is required.

Iowa City Civil Service Exams

Depending on the position you may need to take a written exam. While some positions including temporary/seasonal are exempt, the majority of the City’s permanent positions are covered by Iowa’s Civil Service law which requires a testing process and the certification of a hiring list by the City’s Civil Service Commission.

The City has an extensive testing process including written exams, physical fitness testing, and oral interviews for Police Officer and Firefighter positions. However, for the majority of Iowa Civil Service jobs the testing process merely consists of a review of the written employment application and employment interview with only the name of the preferred candidate placed on the certified hiring list.

West Des Moines Civil Service Exams

In West Des Moines if you are applying for a job, you first have to meet the minimum qualifications for the job. Once you meet those qualifications, you will be scheduled to take a Iowa Civil Service Exam.

The type of examination that you will be given will be job related. Depending on the knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform the job, the examination may consist of one or more of the following: evaluation of your training and experience for the job being considered, written tests, oral board interviews, demonstration tests.

Prepare for Iowa Civil Service Exams

Jobtestprep provides practice tests and sample questions for various civil service exams. Prepare for the exam will help you gain a higher score on the exam for that you will considered for the position. Start practicing now for your Iowa civil service exam.

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