Hawaii Civil Service Jobs

When you apply for a job in Hawaii, make sure to read the entire job description, the job posting will has a section called "Testing Information" stating whether or not you need to take an exam. The exam may be an "unassembled" exam or a written exam.

Hawaii Civil Service Exams

Each position that requires a written civil service exam will vary, depending of the type of job. But, under the "Testing Information" you may see an unassembled exam and a written exam.

The “unassembled” exam is one were you are not required to take a written examination at a designated date, time, and place. But you will be rated based on the education and experience information you provided on your application form.

The Hawaii civil service exams are meant to reflect the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) needed to be brought to the job. The tests are not designed to show what you have learned from books. The State of Hawaii wants to give you a chance to show how many of the job-related KSAs you have. Those with these KSAs should do well on the test.

Prepare for Hawaii Civil Service Exams

Preparing for Hawaii civil service exams will help you gain a higher score on the exam. We provide practice tests and sample questions for various civil service jobs, to prepare you for the exam. Start practicing for your civil service exam today.

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