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About Alabama Civil Service Exams

When applying for an Alabama government job either through the state or local municipality, you will most likely be required to take an Alabama Civil Service Test. The exams are generally computer-administered tests consisting of multiple-choice questions. The test content and subjects are based on the specific job to which you are applying to. Find out more about the Civil Service Test.

Those who pass the Alabama Civil Service Exam will have their names placed on an eligible list for that position. State agencies only contact applicants who are among the top ten highest scorers.

Government Jobs in Alabama

Alabama civil service has over 1400 different job classifications, most of which are available to the public through the successful passing of the Alabama civil service exam. These include careers in:

  • Clerical, Administrative, Library, and Fiscal
  • Fire Safety, Law Enforcement, and Corrections
  • Engineering, Electric, and Transportation
  • Maintenance, Construction, and Custodial
  • Medical and Public Health
  • Agriculture, Forestry and Conservation

Learn more about civil service exams by profession and access practice tests and study guides for your exam.

Application Process

Applying for jobs with the Alabama state government has been made easier by allowing you to apply online, the option of mailing or faxing in applications is still available. On the Alabama State official website, you can find current job vacancies, examination schedules, and application instructions.

It is extremely important to thoroughly read all the information featured on the job announcement in order to determine whether you meet all the job requirements necessary to be eligible for the position.

Practice for the Alabama Civil Service Exam

How can you ensure yourself a spot among the highest-ranking candidates? Prepare with JobTestPrep’s Alabama civil service PrepPack which offers comprehensive practice tests, a civil service study guide for your exam, and detailed explanations to help you better understand and improve your score.

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