Louisiana Civil Service 9500 LEAPS Exam Preperation

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  • 8 English skills tests
  • 5 SJT’s
  • 6 math word problems tests
  • 18 reading comprehension tests
  • 7 reasoning tests
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The LEAPS exam is administered as part of the selection process for jobs in law enforcement, investigative positions, and other protective services for the Louisiana State Government. 

The LEAPS exam is administered as a 60 question a multiple choice test. A minimum score of  70 is needed to place you into a “eligible” status in order to proceed with the hiring process.

The higher your score, the greater your potential for landing a job with the Government of Louisiana. This is a powerful test that determines your eligibility for many state jobs. If you are aiming to achieve a Protective Service position, then test preparation is well worth your time and effort.

Content of the Louisiana LEAPS Exam

You can expect to be tested on the basic knowledge and skills necessary to perform many Protective Service tasks. The exam covers six fundamental areas:

  • Decision Making and Human Relations – 13 questions; ability to identify the best course of action in response to a given scenario; communication skills; sequencing by logic and timeframe
  • Reading Comprehension – 10 questions; passages, each followed by questions involving the analysis of information found in the passage
  • Mathematics – 7 questions; word problems; conversion of fractions to decimals; percentages; averages; basic math functions: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
  • Coding – 5 questions; ability to comprehend and apply coding systems; use of coding information presented to develop specific codes for each scenario
  • Reasoning and Problem Solving – 13 questions; identify and resolve problems within law enforcement scenarios; measures the ability to use logic in solving work-related difficulties
  • English and Effective Writing – 12 questions; grammar, punctuation sentence structure, and spelling; select alternative that best demonstrates good English usage; select phrase or word that best fits into a given sentence; select incorrectly spelled word

Law Enforcement and Protective Service (LEAPS) Jobs

The State of Louisiana administers LEAPS exam Series 9500 to Protective Service applicants as well as candidates applying for the positions of Compliance Inspector Technicians 1 and 2. In addition to the Protective Service and Technician sectors of state government, the Louisiana law enforcement exam is required as a pre-employment screening tool for available positions in various state agencies such as the Department of Public Safety and Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. Louisiana LEAPS 9500 is exclusively a state-administered test and is not utilized for municipal law enforcement entities.

Specific entry-level, intermediate, Protective Service, and Technician jobs that require the 9500 LEAPS exam include:

  • Protective Service (PS) ATC Agent 1, 2 and 3
  • PS Criminal Investigator 1 and 2
  • PS Park Ranger 1 and 2
  • PS Police Investigator
  • PS Police Officer 1-A, 2-A, 3, 3-A
  • PS Police Sergeant A
  • PS Wildlife Enforcement Agent, Cadet, and Senior Agent
  • Technician (TE) Compliance Inspector 1 and 2

Prepare for the 9500 LEAPS Exam

JobTestPrep's exclusive LEAPS practice pack will help you familiarize yourself with the types of questions you will see with 56 practice tests in Reading Comprehension, Mathematics, Reasoning and Problem Solving, Coding, English and Effective Writing. Each question is accompanied by detailed explanations to help you learn from your mistakes and our useful solving tips and strategies will help you solve questions quicker and with more ease.

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