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The Hiring Process at California Steel Industries

If you decide to go through the hiring process at California Steel Industries, you should know that it could take 3 weeks. During these weeks, you will go through a number of interviews and a number of tests that will assess your skills. Some are very specific to the job you will be applying for, while others are general and include:

  • Effective verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills
  • Quick learning capabilities
  • Strong work ethic, motivation and willingness to learn


The Interviews at California Steel Industries

Depending on the job you are trying to land at California Steel Industries, you may be required to participate in several of the following interviews:

  • A phone interview. During a phone interview, candidates will usually speak with a recruiter. The candidate will be asked a number of basic questions about the availability, salary requirements etc. If the interview is successful, the candidate will be contacted at a later day to either have a follow-up video interview or come to a face-to-face interview on company premises. These interviews can take up to 30 minutes.
  • A video interview. A video interview can either be a pre-recorded one or a live one. If it is a pre-recorded video interview, the candidates will have to answer given questions, record the answers on video and send them to the interviewer. A live video interview is usually conducted via Skype and is similar to an initial face-to-face interview. These types of interviews can be as long as on hour.
  • A panel interview. In a panel interview, candidates are required to show up before a group of interviewers and be interviewed by each of them simultaneously. Each will ask 3-4 questions. The whole process can take 40-60 minutes.
  • A group interview. In a group interview, candidates will be grouped and interviewed simultaneously with other candidates (between 10-40) by multiple interviewers. These could take well over one hour.


The Tests at California Steel Industries

There are several tests that you may have to pass, some will assess your general skills, while others will assess very specific skills that are required for the job you are applying for. These include:

  • The Ramsay mechanical Test. it consists of 36 multiple choice questions with a 20-minute time limit. Candidates will be tested in the following subjects: household objects, hand and power tools, production and maintenance and finally science and physics (basic, high school level). The Ramsay Mechanical Test, made by Ramsay Corporation, consists of 36 multiple-choice items with a 20-minute time limit. The categories that are tested include the following:
  • A basic mathematics test.
  • A basic English test.


Common Questions

There are a number of common interview questions which all candidates will have to answer during their interview process which include:

  • What do people most often criticize about you?
  • What makes you a stronger candidate than your peers?
  • Do you feel that fairness to employees is important?


California Steel Industries is one of the major companies in the steel industry sector. Imagine what experience you may get from it. This could be an amazing opportunity for you. Getting a job at California Steel Industries, however, can be rather difficult. It has a series of interviews and other assessments which you will have to pass. Make sure you complete the hiring process successfully with the help of JobTestPrep. We offer numerous study guides, tests and interview tips. Join us today!


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