Basic Excel Assessment Test: Preparation & Practice

Important Facts About Basic Excel Tests

Many employers want to check that you have the skills they need in Excel before they employ you.

A basic level Excel assessment test aims to evaluate your abilities to use this software for everyday office tasks - more common for entry level and administrative roles. It will probably include almost no advanced questions such as functions and macros. Most of the questions deal with basic formatting, standard tables and basic commands such as saving and printing properties (page breaks and print area definition). You will also be required to know how to define a cell reference, filter and sort data and manage the page layout. However, basic is not necessarily easy. You still have to know the software's fundamentals.

In order to do well, practice and make sure you know how to perform the different commands. Additionally, be sure to familiarize yourself with the terminology: "Formula bar", "name box", "tabs", "quick access toolbar", etc.

Prepare for the Excel Test With JobTestPrep

Microsoft Excel program has an almost infinite amount of features and commands. It is almost impossible to master all the various possibilities it offers. That is why studying for the basic Excel test with random web presentations and tutorials can cause you to waste time. Prepare with JobTestPrep's materials that can help you ace Excel tests.

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