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Assessment Tests For Administrative Positions

Are you coveting an administrative job such as administrative assistant, secretary, program manager, or other job? Many employers require prospective hires to take an administrative aptitude test in order to identify the most qualified candidates. Want to nail that job? Start preparing for the administrative aptitude test today to best prepare you for success! 

Administrative Positions That Require An Aptitude Test

Below are popular administrative positions that generally require an aptitude test:

  • Administrative Assistant I
  • Administrative Assistant II
  • Administrative Aide
  • Assistant Director
  • Program Coordinator

  • For the complete list of positions requiring an aptitude test, click here.

    Administrative Test Prep

    If you feel that your administrative skills are not up to par, don’t take the risk of jeopardizing your potential job. JobTestPrep offers online administrative aptitude practice packs which were carefully compiled to refine your knowledge and skills and give you a comprehensive understanding of the test questions. Each pack includes: 

    • Completely online and interactive questions. No downloads, no ebooks, no headaches!
    • Clear answers and explanations for each question
    • A personalized score report, highlighting your score, areas needing improvement, and question-by-question analysis
    • The Complete Administrative Test Guide-The comprehensive guide to successfully understanding the sections on the administrative aptitude test, including study guides for answering customer service questions, clerical abilities questions, basic math questions, and more.
    • Helpful customer service
    • Hundreds of sample test questions

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