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About the Wonderlic Productivity Index (WPI)

The WPI is specifically geared to assessing work-related personality traits for entry-level positions. It is based on the big five theory and seeks to identify prospective employees who will be productive workers.

Information About The Test

  • Online administration
  • 90 Questions
  • 15-20 minutes time limit
  • Unproctored

Traits Measured on the WPI:

The traits assessed on the WPI include:

  • Personal productivity
  • Work effort and persistence
  • Service and support
  • Counterproductive work behavior
  • Turnover potential

Want to ace the WPI? Practice with our personality test practice packs today and receive:

  • Personality tests specifically tailored to your needs
  • Customized score reports which are based on the answers to your test and the position you are interested in
  • Two professional personality tests that cover 30 traits, a complete inventory of personality traits

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