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About the Wonderlic Advanced Skills Test

The Wonderlic Advanced Skills Test is used to assess candidates applying for work positions which may require advanced language and math skills. Additionally, the Advanced Skills Test is also used by some college programs (two-year and four-year programs).

Target Audiences

  • Advanced Skills for Job Applicants - Many companies require a basic level of math and English skills, however, there are some careers that may demand a more extensive level of these skills. Such careers may include engineering, sales, accounting/finance, etc. If you are applying for a one of these types of positions, you may be required to take the Wonderlic Advanced Skills Test.
  • Advanced Skills for Prospective College Students - Applying for college can be very stressful. Some college programs, such as engineering, accounting, economics, etc., may require students to have high level of math or language. Students applying to such programs may be required to take the Wonderlic Advanced Skills Test as part of the application process.

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Test Format and Content

The Wonderlic Advanced Skills Test is comprised of a combination of English and math questions that cover a different and more advanced question structure than the existing Wonderlic Basic Skills Test.

The Wonderlic Advanced Skills Test is a non-proctored assessment that can be done online, from home. It contains an advanced math section made up of 55 questions and a language section made up of 50 questions. Each section has a 30 minute time limit. The test measures these aspects:


  • Expressions & Equations
  • Fractions
  • Ratios & Proportional Relationships
  • Algebra
  • Geometry & Trigonometry
  • Statistics & Probability


  • Vocabulary - Advanced
  • Reading Comprehension - Advanced
  • Grammar - Advanced

Wonderlic Advanced Skills Test vs. Basic Skills Test

The Wonderlic Basic Skills Test (WBST) was created to evaluate candidates for pre-employment screening and for the college application processes at a basic level. However, it has been recognized that some work positions and degree programs require candidates to possess a higher level of knowledge. The Advanced Skills Test was created to meet these needs. The questions on this test are on a more advanced level.

For example, in the language section, there are no context clues or other forms of assistance, unlike on the WBST. The math section includes problems which are more difficult to solve. Another example is one has to simplify and combine algebraic equations rather than just solving simple equations.

Try our free Wonderlic Advanced Skills sample test to prepare for the test.

Preparing for the Advanced Skills Test

Preparation for the Wonderlic test is very important, as it may determine whether you get your dream job or are accepted into your first choice college. JobTestPrep is currently working on Wonderlic Advanced Skills Test PrepPack™. Subscribe to JobTestPrep for updates regarding the Wonderlic Advanced Skills practice test online launch.  Subscribe Now:

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