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WMATA Hiring Process

As a leader in the transportation industry, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) aims to hire and retain the best employees to provide top-notch service to their customers. The WMATA work environment is known to be motivating, encouraging, and challenging.

They provide employee benefits and a variety of work opportunities, including a Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority apprenticeship position.

The WMATA recruitment process includes:

Application: There are a few different options to complete the WMATA application process. You can apply online or with a recruiter. You must also give in your resume along with any other mandatory documents.

Telephone Interview: The WMATA phone interview is often brief and is used as an initial assessment to screen out unfitting applicants by evaluating their background.

In-Person Interview: Next, you will be invited to come in for face-to-face interviews, either held by one employee or a panel. WMATA interviews may also be held in a group setting.

Tests: WMATA aptitude tests are used as pre-employment assessments. These entrance exams give employers the ability to assess your cognitive abilities, personality traits, and skills.

WMATA's Bennett Mechanical Test

This test is used when assessing one’s capabilities in manufacturing, development, or recruitment, as well as specific tests related to the WMATA elevator apprentice position. 

A high score on the Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test (BMCT) is often indicative of high spatial perception abilities and mechanical reasoning skills and showcases familiarity with general mechanical processes and concepts. Additionally, the test displays the test taker's ability to learn mechanical tasks, their application of physics, and being able to deduce how things work.

This test aims to find individuals with good mechanical reasoning and includes 55 questions covering various mechanical concepts. The test time limit is 25 minutes.

Bennet mechanical test


Make sure you watch the following video to better understand the BMCT:

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