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Based in Luxembourg and founded in 2006, ArcelorMittal had become a giant in the steel industry, producing crude steel at nearly 100 million tons per year. As of last year, the company was listed 123 of the Fortune global 500 and has revenue at over $56 billion in total assets at over $75 billion. Despite recent setbacks, the company has released a plan to boost its core profit by $3 billion by 2020 via using higher value steel and by lowering production costs.

Emerson Electric

This company has the distinction of producing the very first electric fan back in 1892 and ranked number 52 during WW2 for gaining United States Military contracts. Today the company has grown to over 76,000 employees with over $15 billion in revenue and nearly $20 billion in total assets. Its key products are process control systems, industrial automation, electric motors, network power, climate technologies among other categories. To date, the company has enquired dozens of bands including CSI Technologies among countless others.


There is no doubt that Gulftainer is a powerhouse in the Port Operations & Management and Transport & Logistics business. The company has a commanding control of Middle East container terminal facilities, controlling nearly 40%. Moreover, the company is now installing state-of-the-art cargo infrastructure at the cost of $100 million to accommodate the growing needs of distribution centers in Florida. The company now employs over 4,000 and operates in seven countries across the globe.

Hendrix Genetics

Today, Hendrix Genetics has joint ventures in nearly 24 countries, employs nearly 3,000 and offers it services to producers in nearly 100 countries across the globe. The company has trailblazed the multi-species animal breeding industry dealing with a wide array of genetics including fish, swine and a variety of poultry. Technological innovation and research along with a focus on sustainable production is really at the core of what the company is all about and what makes it great.

Siemens Gamesa

This company is a world premiere in the renewable energy industry, focusing on wind turbine technology. Founded back in 1976, the company has now grown to be the fourth largest wind turbine manufacturer globally. The company just unveiled a major 3-year strategic plan, which aims to bring $2.4 billion in savings to the company and expects to continue to outperform the market on sales by increasing service, flexibility in both product and financial solutions along with better response time.


With 44,000 employees, 17,000 distributors in a whopping 130 counties across the globe, SKF holds the title as the largest bearing manufacturer. Founded back in 1907, the company originally started off with 325 employees and a patent on a multi-row self-aligning radial ball bearing, the first of its kind. Today, the company develops and sells products, including: Seals, lubrication systems, Mechatronics, services and of course Bearings and Units. With over $4 billion in revenue, an operating income of $7.5 billion and total assets of over $83 billion the company will continue to lead in its field.

Yokogawa Electric Corporation

Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange with 84 subsidies across 55 countries, this tech giant employees nearly 20,000 people and strong revenue of nearly $4 billion. The company is comprised of three divisions including Control equaling 88.6% of sales, Measurement equaling 5.7% of sales and Aviation equaling 5.7% of sales. So, what does Yokogawa primarily do? They create technologies to help manufacturers know how thick to cut and oil production facilities with Supervisory control and data acquisition, among other innovations.

Buckinghamshire Business First

With over 10,000 members, Buckinghamshire Business First has successfully created a vibrant business community just 7 years after its inception in 2011. The company provides a wide range of practical advice and guidance including funding and finance, choosing your business location, deciding if to buy, rent or lease. For example, the company provides an extensive list of national grants and vouchers and explains in detail what the program can do to help the business in question succeed.

Collingwood Search & Selection

Collingwood Search & Selection are a premier professional recruitment outfit, which helps companies in a wide range of sectors fill senior level positions, including: Aerospace, building products, consumer products, healthcare, medical devices, rail, and technology. Finding, attracting and picking out the right candidates for C-Levels is usually a difficult task, so the company provides top-end consultants to manage the entire recruitment process, ensuring that each step is conducted at the highest professional level possible.

Opus Energy

Opus Energy was founded in 2002 and has won numerous awards for leading the way in renewable energy from wind, solar, hydro, and anaerobic digestion generators. In 2015 the company became the sixth largest in the renewable energy market and in 2017 the company won Utilities Provider of the Year 2017 by the British Small Business Awards. The company is leading the way in helping the UK to lower its carbon footprint.

Proco Global

Proco Global are specialist in the supply chain management executive search. The company focuses on a number of sectors, including: Automotive, aerospace & defense, food & beverages, industrial equipment, process & chemical, life sciences, technology and consumer goods. The company aims to provide results in a quick and reliable fashion by focusing on all facets of the industry starting from dev-op to manufacturing and strategy to distribution.

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