Free Siena Reasoning Test (SRT) Practice Guide 2024

What is the SRT Siena Reasoning Test?

The SRT test is a logical aptitude test that evaluates your cognitive abilities. Cognitive abilities refer to your capability to make logical conclusions from given information, make decisions, and process information. These skills are crucial to many jobs, especially those that require you to read a lot of material and draw conclusions.

Many companies require you to test these skills as a pre-employment requisite in order to figure out whether your thinking is in line with that of the company’s. The Siena Reasoning job practice test helps you to assess your logical capabilities, and determines your suitability for the job.

How Long is the SRT Test?

The Siena Reasoning Test may consist of 25 questions that you will have 25 minutes to complete, or 40 questions that you will have 40 minutes to complete. What sets the SRT apart from other reasoning tests is that no previous knowledge is required. The goal of the exam is to measure intelligence and reasoning skills irrespective of general knowledge and linguistic expertise. This is accomplished by asking questions based only on the figures presented to you in the test, and by using made up words.

Sample Questions:

Hayden is not as courageous as Jonathan

Click to the see the question

Who has more courage

Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

Sample Question 2

What is the missing letter in the image

Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is S.

Each letter in the table represents a specific value, where the sum of the values in each row and column can be seen at the top and side respectively.
We will start with the third column from the left which only contains the letter J.

1)We can easily calculate the value of J given the fact that J+J+J = 24
3J = 24
J = 8

2)If we replace the J in the first column with the number 8, we will see that :
N + 8 + S = 24, and therefore,
N + S = 16 (24-8).

3)Notice the first row: N S J N 30
We can now replace N S with 16, as calculated in step 2, and J with 8:
16 + 8 + N = 30, and find that
N = 6 (30 – 16 – 8).

4)If we replace all of the Ns with the number 6 and all Js with the number 8, we can find the numerical value of the ‘?’
8 + ? + 8 + 6 = 32
? = 10

5)We must now determine which letter has the numerical value of 10. If we examine the first column (replacing letters with their numerical values), we see:
S + 8 + 6 = 24
S =10

S has a value of 10 and is therefore the correct answer.

How to Succeed on the SRT

SRT questions require using logic that most people are not used to using on a daily basis. This may make some of the questions seem extremely complex or almost impossible to solve. However, if you expose yourself to enough of these questions and understand the reasoning skills required, you’ll start solving the questions with plenty of time to spare.

JobTestPrep now offers over 1,000 SRT-styled questions along with detailed explanations and helpful solving tips that will sharpen your logical reasoning skills and train your brain for the SRT! Our practice pack will develop your logical reasoning skills for the SRT and boost your confidence for testing day.

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