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Prepare for the Quess Hiring Process

Founded in 2007, Quess Corp Limited (BSE: 539978, NSE: QUESS), is India’s top business services provider with headquarters in Bengaluru, India. They assist large companies with managing their non-core activities by leveraging their combined services. Quess has many industries which offer their clients substantial operational efficiencies. They have around 261,700 employees in India, North America, South America, South East Asia and the Middle East.

Learn more about the Quess Corp recruitment process as per below:

Application: The first step is the Quess application process, which can be completed by submitting an online form and attaching your resume. Job seekers can also apply with a recruiter or through an employee referral.

Telephone Interview: An HR representative may call an applicant over the phone as the introductory part of the interview process. These Quess telephone interviews aim to determine whether candidates are capable by evaluating their characteristics and work experience.

In-Person Interview: If the previous stages go well, an applicant will be asked to come in for one or more in-person interviews. Each part of the interview may differ, depending on the position being applied for.

Tests: Several Quess entrance exams are used during the assessment process in order to assess applicants’ cognitive aptitude and technical knowledge. Such exams may be performed online or as written examinations.


The Quess Corp Aptitude Test Process

Psychometric tests are often performed during the Quess test stage to evaluate candidates’ abilities and skills more in-depth. The Quess aptitude tests which are often administered, and may assess one’s mathematical, verbal, and logical reasoning skills. The mathematical tests are scored based on how accurately one can understand arithmetical data. The verbal exams evaluate how an individual comprehends written passages, and the logical tests measure how one makes accurate decisions.

Quess assessment tests may include the personality and situational judgement (SJT) exams, which both display test-takers’ character traits and behavioral tendencies within the workplace. These tests are presented as multiple choice and are not pass or fail. They aim to give employers a deeper understanding of how compatible each candidate will be with the career. The SJT focuses on one’s past and present actions, while the personality assessment evaluates one’s attributes, strengths, and values.


Start Preparing for the Quess Aptitude Test Process with JobTestPrep.


Quess Interview Questions

It is common for there to be more than one interview stage. Quess interviews can be performed one-on-one or with a group of other candidates. Interviews can base their questions off of different questioning methods based on the position being applied for. Behavioral, competency, and technical questions may all be used. Practicing is highly advised when you are aiming to perform well and impress your interviewers.

Example interview questions are:

  • Why Quess?
  • What projects have you previously worked on?
  • What are your business goals?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Quess Corp Subsidiaries
HCL Enterprise MFX Services Randstad Lanka Pvt Ltd Aravon Services Pvt Ltd India Pvt. Ltd Quesscorp Holdings Pte. Ltd. MFXchange US, Inc. Coachieve Solutions Pvt. Ltd.





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