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Prepare for upcoming Kelly Services Interviews and Assessments

With JobTestPrep, get ready for your Kelly Services Hiring Process by taking advantage of the wealth of information, training guides, practice tests and the wide-ranging toolkit that JobTestPrep has to offer.  Start Your Kelly Service Recruitment Process Preparations Today!

Kelly Service Interview Questions

Here are some possible interview questions you might encounter during the Kelly Service interview. As most of their positions are recruiting in nature, we will stick will those type of questions.

Where do you see your career heading in the next 5-10 years?

On the on hand, you do not want to shoot too low, but stating you expect to jump from blue collar to C-Level in one year will make you look pompous. Give a realistic expectation, perhaps rising to the group leader or lower management within two to three years.

Are you good with tight deadlines and minimal resources?

In this question, the hiring manager wants to know if you have what it takes to reach management. Can you find creative solutions for tough problems and deal with multiple issues at any given time. Weave your interpersonal skills into the answers by providing stories of how you solve work-related problems.

What is your biggest strength?

Pick several strengths and make sure they match the job descriptions. Use real work example and talk about your hard and soft skills, training and education. Hiring managers are looking for skills. For instance, if the position is in customer service, then talk about how your communication skills (with specific examples) helped with client retention.

Kelly Services Assessment Tests

The Kelly Services aptitude tests may vary by open position. Here is a couple of tests you might be administered.

Personality Tests

Kelly Services use personality assessments to evaluate their potential candidates’ workplace personas. Because different companies and job positions require certain personality traits, it is best to improve your personality test score in those areas before taking the Kelly Services assessment.

Logical Reasoning Test

This test looks at skills in the arenas of logic and math by providing you with hints and clues, and it is your job to put together the puzzle and complete the broader picture. If you are quick on your feet and are witty, you will do well.


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