Psychometric Assessment Centre Preparation All-Inclusive Prep

What You'll Get

  • 9 general staff / entry level – numerical reasoning tests
  • 10 general staff / entry level – verbal reasoning tests
  • 9 graduate / senior MGMT – numerical reasoning tests
  • 9 graduate / senior MGMT – verbal reasoning tests
  • 20 inductive reasoning – abstract reasoning tests
  • 13 case study exercises and guides
  • 3 group and role play exercises and guides
  • 6 in-tray exercises and guides
  • 1 personality test
  • 30 single-trait tests
  • Interview preparation
  • 8 SJT’s
  • 30 study guides and video tutorials
  • Money back guarantee



In this PrepPack™ there are over 100 tests as well as 30 guides to really give you a complete preparation for any test you will be sitting. There are two different levels of tests in this pack with both the general staff and entry level as well as managerial positions. This is a pack that can grow with you. Start out with the entry level tests and as you move on through your career you will find the managerial level tests helpful in your career path. 

Overall, there are 18 different numerical tests, 19 verbal reasoning tests, 20 inductive/abstract reasoning tests, 8 SJT's, and a personality test that is also broken down into 50 different single-trait tests to give you a fully rounded preparation.

Moreover, there are tests and drills to help you prepare for a case study, group exercise and role plays, in-basket, and interviews. 

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