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Profiles International XT & Pre-Hiring Tests

Profile XT

The Profile XT is a pre-employment screening tool comprised of customized personality and behavioral interview questions.

This assessment gives employers a glimpse at your compatibility with the job position and their company. Employers are also able to preselect the level at which they require candidates to score. A question on the Profile XT assessment might state "I work best in a group setting." You would then need to choose the number you feel corresponds to how true or false this statement is for you. However, what you are not able to see is how the employer is comparing your answer to the ideal candidate's answer. A company that is known to use this assessment is Whole Foods Market. To help ensure you become the ideal candidate, JobTestPrep is here to help prepare you for the Profile XT assessment!

Step One Survey II

Also known as SOS II, this is a short pre-employment screening tool that evaluates a candidate's work-related values — primarily stress management, integrity, reliability, and work ethic. Other areas that are evaluated are background checks and employment history.

Employee Background Check

Like most background checks, this background check screens for criminal history, credit reports, and educational verification. However, it also screens for DMV reports, military service verification, incarceration records, foreign nationals terrorist sanctions, and nationwide criminal index database.

Profile Sales Assessment

This assessment uses job modeling, which takes the results from top-performing salespeople and compares them to current and future employee results. By doing so, employers aim to better evaluate your strengths and weaknesses (in seven specific areas), ensuring that you are properly placed within the company.

Customer Service Profile

This assessment measures behavioral and personality characteristics specific for customer service positions. This assessment includes a customer service skills and representative test. It can include additional features for the areas of hospitality, financial services, retails, and healthcare. A company that is known to use this assessment is Whole Foods Market.

Profiles International Post-Hire Tests

Checkpoint 360

This assessment measures the skills and effectiveness of managers and leaders post hire. To measure these traits, the assessment compiles the information and feedback from various reports produced by supervisors to create a personalized leadership strategy program. This assessment helps the company to improve your managerial skills, communication, and overall training.

Profiles Managerial Fit

This assessment measures the compatibility between managers/supervisors and their subordinates. By doing so, it aims to determine the right job position for both as well as create effective an working environment and better work relationships.

Profiles Sales Checkpoint

This assessment provides sales managers with the skills needed to evaluate employees regarding their sales ability, development needs, and overall performance. During this assessment, you will receive feedback from your managers, allowing for self-assessment and improvement. This assessment helps employees receive better coaching and communication from their superiors, and it also helps increases productivity and employee satisfaction.

Profiles Performance Indicator

An assessment that can be used before or after a hire, it provides employers with insight regarding how an individual can be motivated, inspired, and managed to achieve maximum job performance. Additionally, this assessment evaluates how an individual responds to job-related stress, conflict, and issues.


Profiles Talent Management System

This system offers companies the ability to compile their talent management processes into a more organized system, one that is comprised of either applicant tracking and/or employee performance management.

Particular features of the Talent Management System is aligning the company's goals and objectives with that of its staff and keeping resumes and CVs organized. It also allows employers to quickly sort through resumes and CVs in order to find the "right" employee, while also offering potential employees the possibility to create their own profiles, check their dashboards for results, and learn more about a company's events as they are posted.

The CV scan is usually based on keywords, so you will want to make sure that your CV is as close as possible to the description of the job you are applying for.


eSkills, who has partnered with Profiles International, provides assessments that measure the competency of future or current employees. Currently, they offer over 350 different test subjects, some of which include: retail, hospitality, Microsoft Office Software, accounting, healthcare, typing and data entry, management, and sales. The questions on the assessment can either be taken from general test topics or they can be created by employers, making some tests very job and company specific. JobTestPrep offers information and practice tests on an array of topics; these resources are all part of our in-depth preparation packages. Start preparing today.

Test Preparation

As more companies begin to use Profiles International's assessments during the hiring process, it's essential that you begin to get acquainted with their assessments prior to actually taking them. JobTestPrep will soon offer a customized preparation package that includes examples, samples, questions and answers, practice tests, and more. Our resources are guaranteed to help prepare you for the various assessments. Start practicing today.

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