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JobTestPrep has compiled an elaborate Pre-Board Screening Officer PrepPack™ that includes X-Ray Object Recognition Test, language and math tests, and interview questions. We closely modeled our X-Ray ORT after actual x-ray tests used by many companies to give you a precise idea of what to expect during your pre-employment assessment. After practicing with our online simulation of the X-Ray ORT, you will start to notice prohibited items on the screen as vividly as if they were spotlighted. No matter at what angles they are rotated and how many objects are superimposed on them, you will spot dangerous items among harmless ones with quickness and accuracy.

Our practice materials will also enhance your math and language proficiency and arm you with the right answers to recruiters’ questions. Please note that our practice tests are more compatible with desktops rather than mobile phones, therefore, we highly recommend practicing from your computer in order to simulate the real test.  Prepare with JobTestPrep and secure for yourself a place among aviation security screeners at your chosen company. 

Who Is the Pre-Board Screening Officer?

A pre-board screening officer is part of aviation security. The major task of pre-board screeners is to conduct a reliable security check of passengers and their luggage to ensure that no threatening goods are brought on board the aircraft. A friendly attitude to passengers even in the most stressful circumstances is another prerequisite for the role of a screening officer.

Luggage Screening and Hand Searching

The most important tasks that screeners perform at the airport checkpoint are xray screenings of passengers’ bags and searching them manually. Performing x-ray screenings effectively is crucial—when screening officers cannot correctly identify objects in passengers’ bags, they can put lives in danger but also create long lines at the checkpoint by sending many bags to be hand searched. Excellent visual abilities and familiarity with the form and appearance of prohibited objects in the X-ray screening are, therefore, crucial for performing well in this job. 

Body Checking

Pre-boarding screening officers also conduct body checks to prevent passengers from bringing prohibited objects on boards underneath their clothes. Body checks at the checkpoint are done by a metal detector or manually. Effective communication with passengers helps officers quickly understand what unclear objects are used for and whether they might be threatening.  

Language and communication skills, together with the ability to analyze the x-ray images on the screen, are defined as basic requirements for the job of the pre-boarding screening officer. With our practice materials, you will hone each of these skills and stand out as the most qualified candidate for the job.

What Is the Pre-Board Screening Officer Test?

Why is the X-Ray ORT difficult?

The most important and challenging part of the pre-employment assessment for a pre-board screener position in any company is the X-Ray Object Recognition Test. As many as 70% of candidates fail this test. To recognize objects on the screen, you need to know how to rotate them mentally, differentiate between their overlapping shapes, perform figure-ground segregation, and identify specific patterns in complex images. You should perform these mental operations within 20 seconds, before another slide advances on the monitor.

How is the X-Ray ORT conducted?


In the X-Ray Object Recognition Test, you are required to look at x-ray images of passengers’ bags and quickly determine if they are harmless and can be allowed to enter the aircraft.

Variety of Images: These x-ray images vary. Some of them contain threatening objects such as bottles, knives, grenades, and guns. Others display only inoffensive goods.

Different Complexity: Images on the screen also have a different degree of complexity. Some of the bags contain items more mixed with each other than do other bags. When more objects are mixed together, many of them appear hidden from the view or rotated at such an inconvenient angle that it becomes extremely difficult to identify them. You need to learn to differentiate between the forms of different objects and know how to rotate them mentally to screen passengers’ luggage with precision.

Note also that once you pass your first X-Ray ORT, you may be required to take it again after a short break. Knowing how to detect dangerous objects is so vital to a screening security officer that recruiters often want to verify that you succeeded in your first test due to your visual and cognitive abilities rather than by luck.

Our online simulations of x-ray tests, GardaWorld’s X-Ray ORT, and TSA X-Ray ORT will train you to identify objects so well that you will detect threatening goods on your pre-employment exam effortlessly and quickly.

English and Math Tests

After you pass the X-Ray Object Recognition Test, you may be invited to take another assessment which evaluates your English language proficiency, math skills, reading comprehension, and logical thinking. While not difficult, English and math tests still require attention to details and preparation.

Pre Board Screening Officer Interview Questions 

The final stage of the hiring process in any company is a face-to-face interview with its recruiters. You will be invited for the interview either immediately after your X-Ray Object Recognition Test or a day after. The interview for the Screening Officer position usually lasts about half an hour. 

Questions posed in the interview are mostly competency-based. Interviewers want to learn about job applicants’ motivations and general aptitude for the position of the pre-board screening officer. You may be asked the following questions at your interview:

  • Why do you want to work for our company?
  • How did you find out about the position of the pre-board screening officer?
  • If you wanted something done your way but everyone else disagreed, how would you solve the problem?
  • What skills do you have to be an excellent pre-board screener?
  • What do you know about the duties and responsibilities of the screening officer?  
  • If you encounter an angry person who does not want to show you his bag, what would you do?
  • If we contacted any of your previous employers, what do you think they would say about you?  
  • Name your strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Give an example of a good customer service you provided.
  • Are you someone who likes to work independently or as part of a team?  

Go over these questions and formulate clear and concise answers to them. Coming to the interview equipped with the right answers will help you look confident and professional in the eyes of the recruiters. It is also advisable to read about the company and the duties of the pre-board security screening officer before you speak to its representatives.

About GardaWorld

One of the companies that constantly recruits pre-board screening officers is GardaWorld. It is a Canadian company that provides a wide range of security services such as Protective Services, International Protective Services, Cash Services, and Aviation Services. Garda’s pre-board screening officers operate in 28 Canadian airports. Their average hourly pay is 21 CAD.

Prepare with JobTestPrep

Do not ruin your chances to contribute to the preservation of peace and security in the world. Practice with JobTestPrep’s exclusive Pre-Board Screening Officer PrepPack™, learn to detect prohibited items on the X-Ray ORT, and join the team of pre-board screening officers that protect passengers by maintaining high security standards for aircraft and airports.

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