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The USPS recently updated their hiring practices by retiring the use of exam 473 and 473e. Continue reading to find out more regarding replacement exams 475 and 476, the positions they are used for and how we can help you prepare. 

Positions Covered by USPS Postal Exams MH 475 & MP 476 

Since the exams for both postal exam MH 475 and MP 476 are so similar, we have combined them into a single PrepPack™. You should keep in mind, however, that each of these exams cater to a different set of job postings issued by the US Postal Service. These jobs include:  


Job Titles Covered 

USPS MH 475 (Mail Handler) 

  • Mail Handler 
  • Assistant Mail Handler  
  • Casual Mail Handler 

USPS MP 476 (Mail Processor) 

  • Mail Processing Clerk 
  • PSE Mail Processing Clerk 
  • Casual Mail Processing Clerk 
  • Data Conversion Operator 
  • PSE Data Conversion Operator 
  • Casual Data Conversion Operator 


Remember that USPS jobs are highly competitive. To get the role you desire, you should give yourself ample time to prepare beforehand. Whether you were just invited to complete your hiring exam or you are practicing prior to applying, this pack is intended for you.

Benefits of Being Prepared for Postal Exam MH 475 & MP 476


Preparation is essential to passing both postal exams 475 & 476 for many reasons. First, you are only given three (3) days to complete the exam once you receive your email invitation. This on top of the strange question style found in many of the sections on the actual exam can make the whole experience quite nerve-wracking.

The strange question and answering style mentioned above has been shown to stump many applicants. So much so that, according to the US Postal Service, between 80-90% of applicants will not pass their entrance exams. Practicing will help you familiarize yourself with these questions and their answering styles, thus improving your speed and accuracy. This will ultimately increase your chances of receiving one of the top three (3) scores for either exam 475 or 476, securing your place in the USPS interview process.

Why You Need this Postal MH 475 & MP 476 PrepPack™?

With this special pack, you are introduced to each section of both postal exams 475 and 476. Knowing what to expect when taking these tests will not only help your answering speed and accuracy but also your ability to land one of the top scores required by the USPS to continue in the hiring process. Start practicing now to access the personality, situational and error-checking questions found on each exam to give yourself an advantage over other applicants.


Henry Commager, US
Verified Reviewer
"I am applied for at least four positions at the US post office; holiday clerk assistant, casual clerk position, assistant city carrier, and a mail processing clerk. With the help of the JobTestPrep’s test preparation, I passed the 474 with a 73%, 475 with a 77%, and the 476 with a 79%. The practice scenarios helped me to consider the whole environment of the workplace at the post office, including customers and co-workers, the production goals, and formulate good decisions. I recommend this assessment test to anyone who wants to take the test for US post office. "


Postal MH 475 & MP 476 Sample Questions

Interested in seeing what these tests are all about? Click here to access additional information and sample questions for exam 475 (mail handler) and here for exam 476 (mail processor).

USPS and other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders. None of the trademark holders are affiliated with JobTestPrep or this website. 

USPS and other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders. None of the trademark holders are affiliated with JobTestPrep or this website.
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