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What's Included

✓ Full Personality test simulation
✓ PI Behavioral Assessment study guide
✓ Personality test theory study guide
✓ Motivation and culture fit study guide
✓ Money back guarantee

Every purchase credits you with the PI Cognitive Assessment PrepPack™ as well


This test prep pack provides you with insider knowledge on what traits and behaviors employers are looking for for specific jobs.

These resources will direct you how to modify your answers in order to improve your chances of getting the job.

The pack offers:

  1. Tailored PI Behavioral Assessment preparation guide that tell you what traits you should highlight by specific position
  2. A fully immersive personality test 
  3. Additional study guides meant to broaden your understanding of the test ahead


improve your chance for success on you predictive index test

Improve Your Chances to Get the Job by 73%

Our latest client survey shows that job-seekers who prepared for their test using our material improve by 73% - You can too.


Get the Advantage Over Your Competition by Practising Tests Others Like You Used With High Satisfaction

  1. Our team of experts verify the effectiveness of the test and couple it with feedback from test-takers like you that have previously tried this product.
  2. Over 150 Hours Go into Creating a New Tailored PrepPack™. We work hard to ensure that you are getting the most thorough and up-to-date materials available anywhere online.
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