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What Is The NSA Matrix Test?

In the NSA Matrix Test, each question is composed of a 9 square matrix, with each square containing a shape - except for one empty one. According to the logic you identify within the matrix, you must select the shape that is completes the matrix. 

This challenging NSA test is an abstract reasoning assessment (similar to the famous Raven Progressive Matrices Test), meaning it tasks you with identifying hidden patterns and logic in shapes and figures, making it one of the more challenging NSA exams you will encounter.

To improve your abstract reasoning ability and your chances of passing this NSA test and other NSA exams that involve similar questions, practice is key.

NSA Matrix Test Practice Questions

Matrix Assessment Test NSA Sample Question 1

Consider the matrix below, and identify which of the shapes below it fit in the missing square:

nsa matrix test 1
nsa matrix test answer 1


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nsa matrix test explanation 1

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How to Ace the NSA Matrix Test

Abstract reasoning ability is considered to be the purest form of intelligence, as it does not rely on any education or prior knowledge - this is why the NSA Matrix Test is a central part of the selection process. Approaching this challenging test unprepared could mean getting overwhelmed by the difficulty and time pressure on the day of the test, and missing out on the job.

With JobTestPrep's accurate NSA Matrix Test PrepPack, you will gain access to practice tests and study guides that will elevate you skills and your chances of getting a high score. 

Matrix Assessment Test NSA Sample Question 2

Consider the matrix below, and identify which of the shapes below it fit in the missing square:

matrix assessment test nsa question
matrix assessment test nsa answer
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NSA Exams 

Working for the NSA means joining an elite cadre of professionals who are at the forefront of today's digital warfare. The NSA is entrusted with protecting critical national security information from foreign powers, providing the military with operational information, as well as securing the country's cybersecurity and information systems. 

In order to ensure that only the most talented and qualified individuals take part in this crucial task, there are a wide variety of highly challenging NSA exams in place that measure the core capabilities necessary for the job.

At JobTestPrep, we have a rich history of preparing candidates for their pre-employment tests, offering highly accurate practice materials that help elevate your skills. 

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Pearson Vue - Technical Requirements

NSA exams are administered by the renowned test provider company Pearson Vue, who have a list of requirements each NSA test taker must comply with, and offer some useful information that could help you towards your test. 

Click here for the Pearson Vue official page. 


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