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About Motivational Tests

One aspect a company may look for when hiring is motivation. Motivation questions are used to help employees understand what situations may increase or decrease a candidate's motivation

Motivated employees aim for more, take chances, and are a valuable asset to any company. Knowing what qualities to look for and which questions to ask can help make the hiring process more effective.

When Are Motivational Tests Used in the Hiring Process

When a company is assessing a candidate's motivation, it may use different tools. For instance, it can employ an interview, a test/questionnaire, or a personality test.

The interview is the most likely time for motivation to be assessed. The interview enables employees to see how is a candidate fits the job. The purpose of some interview questions is to assess what motivates the candidate.

A motivational questionnaire/test asks a candidate about his or her experiences and personality. Some examples of this are personal preferences, how the candidate acts in different situations, views, and opinions. The assessment can also be viewed as a personality test.

A personality test can be used to show what traits a candidate possesses. An employer may take the results of a personality test and compare them with what the company is looking for in a specific position.

For employers, a deciding factor in whether or not a candidate gets the job is how he or she answers questions. For example, seeing how a candidate approached a variety of work situations in the past can tell an employer if the candidate's style and behavior are compatible with the company.

Examples of Motivational Questions

Here are some examples of culture fit questions during an interview:

  • Do you prefer working alone or as part of a team?
  • What role are you are most likely to play in a team? Give an example.
  • What is your leadership style?
  • How would your co-workers describe your work style?
  • Describe an occasion when you made a customer or client pleased with the service you gave them?
  • How would people you have worked with describe their relationship with you?

Some companies use motivational questionnaires/tests. Below is an example of some types of questions that may be found on the assessment:

Being expected to take responsibility for tasks

  1. Greatly reduces my motivation to work
  2. Tends to reduce my motivation to work
  3. Has no effect on my motivation to work
  4. Tends to increase my motivation to work
  5. Greatly increases my motivation to work

Preparing for Motivational Questionnaires

The best way to prepare for a motivational questionnaire is to learn about the company before going in for an interview or taking an assessment test. Learning about what is important to the company and how things are run may help you get a better idea of what that company is looking for. In addition to learning about the company, taking practice personality tests will help you learn more about yourself and how a company may view what motivates you. Our personality test practice pack includes a motivational test guide to prepare you for the exam. Get it now to better prepare yourself for personality testing, and also receive a comprehensive report on how you are viewed through the test.

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