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About JobTestPrep’s Lee Hecht Harrison PrepPacks™

Preparing for a recruitment process takes more than just a great resume and preparing to answer interview questions. Like so many other companies, Lee Hecht Harrison is relying on results from pre-employment aptitude tests to determine who should advance in the interview process. Don’t get left behind and prepare with our comprehensive PrepPack™ today!


Excel at Your Lee Hecht Harrison Assessments With JobTestPrep!

The Lee Hecht Harrison aptitude tests should not be a hindrance to getting the job that you want. JobTestPrep offers dozens of practice materials to help you outshine the competition during the Lee Hecht Harrison recruitment process. Sign up with us today and give yourself the advantage!


Lee Hecht Harrison Interview Preparation

If you want the job with Lee Hecht Harrison, preparing for their interview process is crucial. After submitting your resume you will most likely be contacted for an initial screening interview held over the phone. If this interview goes well, you should be invited by Lee Hecht Harrison to participate in a face-to-face interview. The face-to-face interview will either be held one-on-one, or in a group or panel.

Why Does Lee Hecht Harrison Use Aptitude Tests During Hiring?

It is almost unheard of in this day and age for a company to hire someone based solely upon their resume alone. The purpose of the aptitude tests is to find the strongest applicant who will be able to easily assimilate into the Lee Hecht Harrison culture and perform all of the duties associated to the open position.

What Are Different The Types of Aptitude Tests?

Employers think that a hiring process should include a more rigorous means of estimating job candidates’ future performance at work than simply perusing their résumé or asking them questions on the interview. To improve the accuracy of their evaluations, employers have started inviting potential employees to take the Aptitude Test. Now, the Aptitude Test is a trustworthy measurement of job candidates’ various cognitive skills and their ability to react properly to various problematic situations. There are different types of the Aptitude Test, each of which evaluates applicants’ specific cognitive ability. Thus, the Numerical Reasoning Test measures how well applicants calculate and analyze numerical data. The Verbal Reasoning Test is an evaluation of candidates’ ability to understand and analyze written information. Diagrammatic Reasoning Test estimates how well they read information given in charts and diagrams. The SJT seeks to evaluate applicants’ reaction to different situations. Even though the Aptitude Test does not contain question of extreme difficulty, it is still advisable to prepare for it in advance. Avail yourself of the opportunity to practice with JobTestPrep’s top-notch resources and secure for yourself a place at the top of recruiters’ hiring list.

How Can I Improve My Lee Hecht Harrison Verbal Assessments Score?

Practice is your greatest precursor for successfully completing the Lee Hecht Harrison verbal assessment. JobTestPrep offers a wide variety of practice tests and study guides to give you the edge you need throughout the entire recruitment process.

What Is a Personality Test?

The Personality Test is usually offered to job candidates in addition to other tests they take during their pre-employment assessment. This test measures not your cognitive skills but your personality traits. By inviting their applicants to pass the Personality Test, employers want to ascertain that they are people who will get along with their co-workers. They also want to winnow out those who might engage in such unseemly behavior as pilfering, harassing, and time wasting. To achieve this evaluation with more precision, the Personality Test is divided into several parts containing different sets of questions. One of them will ask you to look at pictures with people and predict their attitude to certain situations. Another type of questions will require you to rank your agreement with statements concerning different rules at work on the scale from 1 to 10. There are more than 80 questions on the Personality Test overall. You need to answer them impromptu and honestly, if you want to build a reliable, impressive personality profile. Yet even though you are advised to answer questions on the test sincerely and off the cuff, you will still benefit from JobTestPrep’s personality kit. We will give you valuable tips on how to improve your self-representation and avoid incriminating yourself accidentally.

What Does the SJT Tell My Future Employer?

The test can indicate much about you that will help paint a picture of how you might adopt within the company. Things like your commitment to professionalism, ability to communicate and how you work professionally within a team. Moreover, will take your pulse in coping with pressure and how you respond to easy or complicated problems.


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