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About JobTestPrep’s Kone Packs

Going through the recruitment process for Kone can make you feel somewhat frazzled. JobTestPrep’s comprehensive practice materials will help ease your mind and help you gain the confidence that you need to come out on top throughout the Kone’s hiring procedure.

Kone Hiring Process

The hiring process at Kone consists of the following steps:

  • Application Process – Kone utilizes the Peopleclick/PeopleFluent applicant tracking system (ATS) that screens and analyzes your application, resume, CV, and additional documents for keyword-specific phrases that align with the job description. Learn more about applicant tracking systems and how to beat them on our dedicated ATS page.
  • Assessments – You may be asked to complete a variety of pre-employment assessment tests. These tests measure your personal and professional characteristics and skill set. Additionally, you may have had to complete specific assessments before you even apply for a position with Kone.
  • Interviews – You will encounter several rounds of interviews. You may be required to complete telephone, in-person, panel, and telephone-panel interviews.

Application Process for Kone International Trainee Program (ITP)

The application process for the Kone International Trainee Program (ITP) consists of the following steps:

  • Application – You are able to apply for this program in January, and the application consists of the online form, your resume, CV, and current study transcript.
  • Interview – Interviews will take place in February and March, and typically are proctored by line managers in the hosting unit.

Final selections are made by the hosting unit in April. If you make the cut, you will be contacted via phone call.

Elevator Industry Aptitude Test (EIAT)

In order to become a qualified elevator technician, and be able to apply for a technical job at Kone, you must have passed the Elevator Industry Aptitude Test (EIAT). The EIAT was developed by the National Elevator Industry Education Program (NEIEP), and primarily focuses on arithmetic computation, reading comprehension, and mechanical comprehension.

The EIAT is scored on a pass or fail basis, with 70% being the minimum for passing. The EIAT does penalize for incorrect answers. Therefore, if you’re unsure about an answer, it’s better to guess than leave it blank.

Be sure to prepare for this assessment with JobTestPrep’s EIAT PrepPack. Our pack includes practice tests and drills, detailed answer explanations, user-friendly score reports, and more. Start practicing today to ensure your success on the EIAT.

Kone Interview Questions

The Kone hiring process includes several rounds of interviews, some of which include telephone, in-person, and panel interviews. In order to ensure that you are thoroughly prepared for each type of interview, practice with JobTestPrep’s Interview PrepPack. Our PrepPack includes hundred of mock interview questions, and provide you with the ability to assess yourself by recording and reviewing your answers. Prepare today to ensure that you ace the interview stage!

About Kone

Kone, also known as Kone Oyj, was founded in 1910 and is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. Kone currently employs over 50,000 people worldwide. As one of the world’s largest manufacturer of elevators and escalators, it’s no wonder that the company and its employment opportunities are growing.

Benefits and Perks of Working at Kone

If you make it past the hiring process and are offered a position with Kone, you can expect the following benefits and perks:

  • Healthcare/dental/vision
  • Competitive salaries
  • Professional pathways/development plans
  • Training and education
  • Career development and job rotation
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