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Inscale Interview Policy

It is very common to participate in several interviews prior to becoming an employee with Inscale. The initial interview or screening interview will most likely be held over the phone with an HR representative. In this interview, you will be asked several questions covering your availability, salary expectations, work experience, etc.

If you happen to pass the initial screening interview, you should be invited to participate in one or several face-to-face interviews which may be held either one-to-one, in a group, or before a panel.

What Qualities Do the Aptitude Tests Measure?

Employers prefer not to base their hiring decisions only on the impression derived from conversations with applicants. They maintain that interviewing candidates is a less productive method for predicting their future performance than testing them. To conduct a more accurate evaluation, they introduced into their pre-employment assessment various Aptitude Tests. They were designed to estimate candidates’ different cognitive abilities and their behavior in certain stressful situations occurring in workplaces. The abilities measured by Aptitude Tests are numerical competency, verbal and reading comprehension, and the ability to analyse data presented in charts and diagrams. By estimating these cognitive abilities in applicants, employers arrive to a more accurate understanding of their creative and working potential. Lest employers create a wrong impression of your abilities, you must prepare for your forthcoming pre-employment assessment. JobTestPrep holds the key to your success in its thoughtfully created PrepPacks™. Practice with us and pave the way to your brilliant career in a new company.

Can I Use the Calculator on the Numerical Test?

As a rule, calculators are not permitted on the Numerical Tests, because they evaluate precisely how well you can calculate and analyze numerical data without calculating devices. On all Numerical Tests, however, you can use a rough sheet of paper and a pencil to make your calculations.

What Is the STAR format?

The STAR format is a method to answer interview questions. When you are asked situational questions on your interview, it is better to answer them according to the STAR format, because this behavioral technique makes your answer more coherent and comprehensive. Employers like to use the STAR format on interviews due to its higher degree of predictability of applicants’ future performance at work. The acronym STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Result. To follow the STAR format in your answers means the following:

  • Situation: You need to tell about a challenging situation that you had to resolve in your former workplace.
  • Task: Tell your recruiters what you tried to achieve in that situations, what tasks you assigned to yourself or your team. When elaborating on this, emphasize what motivations you had to fulfill the assigned tasks.
  • Actions: Describe in detail what actions you performed to carry on the tasks. Explain to your recruiters why you decided to undertake these actions and what were the alternatives that you discarded.
  • Results: Here you need to elaborate on the results you achieved and whether you managed to resolve the problem you initially faced.

Tell your recruiters also what you learned from your experience.

If you follow the STAR technique while answering the interviewers’ situational questions, you will sound more organized, persuasive, and clever. To learn more about the STAR interview method, please consult our resources.

What Is the Purpose of the Inscale PI LI Tests?

The purpose of the Inscale PI LI tests is to determine which applicants to their company have what it takes to perform the duties of the position being offered. Applicants who do well in their PI LI tests are more likely to be offered the job in the end.

When Can I Expect to Take the Inscale PI LI Test?

The PI LI test will either be administered prior to being contacted by Inscale for an interview, or as part of the interview process. The PI LI test is used to find the most suitable applicant for the position being offered.


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