Full IBM IPAT Test Practice Preparation 2024

What You'll Get

  • 13 Numerical study guides and video tutorials 
  • 12 Basic Numerical drills
  • 11 IPAT number series tests – advanced levels, integers, decimals
  • 7 IPAT word problems tests– miscellaneous, percentages and probability, ratios, syntax, travel, work-rate, and geometry.
  • 6 Word Problems extra practice tests
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IBM's IPAT is a distinctive and demanding cognitive assessment. By using our IPAT test pack, you can acquaint yourself with the test's demands and hone the skills necessary for rapid and precise responses. Our pack ensures you are preparing effectively for the test.

How Important is the Preparation for The IBM IPAT Exam?

The IPAT test is widely considered to be among the most challenging exams candidates might encounter in any recruitment process. It consists of three sections, though participants are only required to complete two. The IBM online test is conducted under time constraints, assigning a specific duration of 2.15 minutes for each question. This constraint imposes a demand on examinees to respond both swiftly and accurately.

The numerical series portion of the test features approximately 20 questions, varying in their level of difficulty. These questions are notably more complex than typical numerical questions you may have previously experienced. They necessitate recognizing patterns and determining missing numbers.

The IBM numerical reasoning test comprises 20 questions focused on numerical problem-solving, ranging in difficulty from basic to advanced. This test encompasses a variety of mathematical topics, including:

  • Elementary algebra
  • Conversion of measurements and weights
  • Fractions
  • Calculations involving speed, distance, and time
  • Ratios.

IBM IPAT Test Example Question

Janet is enjoying a White Russian at the local pub. This cocktail typically consists of coffee liqueur (40-50%), cream (10-25%), and vodka. Both vodka and coffee liqueur contain alcohol, with vodka having a 40% alcohol content and coffee liqueur having a 10% alcohol content. Assuming the total volume of the drink is 200ml, calculate the total amount of alcohol (in ml) that Janet consumes from this beverage?

  1. Between 28ml-50ml
  2. Between 28ml-48ml
  3. Between 24ml-42ml
  4. Between 30ml-48ml
  5. Between 30ml-50ml

Get ready for the IPAT

The IPAT is a notably rigorous exam, especially considering that you're vying with other candidates for a position at IBM, where achieving a high score is essential. The key to excelling is thorough preparation. JobTestPrep's specialized training package for the IBM assessment is designed to acquaint you with the format of the test. With a wealth of practice tests included, utilizing our preparation materials can significantly enhance your competitive edge.

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