Free Watson Glaser Practice Test Questions and Answers [2024]

What is the Watson Glaser Test?

The Watson Glaser test is a unique assessment, built to evaluate your reasoning and critical thinking abilities. The test is divided into the following 5 sections (with short tips on how to solve them):


  1. Inference - In this section, you are required to draw conclusions based on certain facts that are either observed or assumed. To evaluate an inference effectively, it's crucial to use knowledge or information that is broadly recognized and accepted, though not exclusively so.
  2. Assumptions - This part involves identifying whether a particular statement is based on an underlying assumption. If it seems that the statement takes a specific assumption as a fact, you should choose 'Assumption Made.' Conversely, if the assumption isn't inherently linked to the statement, opt for 'Assumption Not Made.'
  3. Deductive Reasoning - Here, your decision-making should be based solely on the information provided, regardless of your personal knowledge or beliefs. Aim for impartial judgment and determine if the conclusion is a logical outcome of the stated premises.
  4. Interpretation - Similar to Deductive Reasoning in structure, this segment also demands strict adherence to the information given, coupled with logical reasoning. A conclusion should be considered valid if it is supported to a level that leaves no reasonable doubt.
  5. Arguments - The focus of this section is on evaluating your skill in discerning the importance and relevance of different arguments through logical thinking.

Pass the Watson Glaser Assessment

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