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What's Included

  • More than 850 questions to practice with
  • 15 Reading Comprehension tests
  • 23 Numerical Reasoning tests assessing basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, word problems, and conversions
  • Nine mechanical tests which focus on mechanical reasoning and electrical concepts
  • Five Spatial Reasoning practice tests
  • A complete breakdown of the ideal Technical profile
  • Eight study guides focusing on different math aspects, grammar, and electricity
  • Secured payment
  • Immediate online access, practice 24/7
  • Exclusive to JobTestPrep


Electrical Apprenticeship Exam Preparation

To ensure you get the job, studying for your Electrical Pre-Apprenticeship exam is essential. Prepare for the Electrical Apprenticeship Exam with JobTestPrep's custom-made practice pack and gain exclusive access to online practice tests, score reports, and answer explanations. Start practicing today and get hired.


Insider Information from One of Our Customers

'I recommend that candidates study mechanics concepts. It was frustrating that I have not received too much information on what to study. The Electrician apprentice pack was very helpful. I’m honestly thankful that I signed up with this site.'

Luis L.


Test Format

The National Joint Apprenticeship Training Center (NJATC) Aptitude Test is taken by prospective apprentices to Inside Electrician and Limited Energy Technician positions. It is administered by the 300 training programs established by NECA/IBEW throughout the U.S.

You will find two sections on the pre-apprenticeship test:

  •  Algebra and Functions - 33 questions, 46 minutes time limit
  •  Reading Comprehension - 36 questions, 51 minutes time limit

The mathematical section of the test covers four types of algebraic equations:

  1.  Systems of linear equations
  2.  Working with algebraic expressions
  3.  Solving quadratic equations
  4.  Relations & functions

There is no penalty for guessing. Since your score is dependent on correct answers only, it is best to answer all of the questions.

Your test is then scored by an independent facility that sends your results to your training center 2-4 weeks after you took the exam. The training center will mail these results to you.

You have a Qualifying Aptitude Test if you score at least 4 out of a possible 9. In the event that your test does not qualify, a re-application can be filed six months after you took the test.

If your exam does qualify, an interview will be scheduled to take place during the month following the test.

Electrical Apprenticeship Interview

This post-test interview is of major importance. This interview will last a mere 10 minutes. Interviewers are primarily concerned that you possess upstanding behavioral traits. The focus is on three key areas:

  • Character & Attitude
  • Work Experience
  • Education & Training

In terms of work experience and skills, interviewers are looking for short descriptions of the results of your prior work. Ten minutes will fly by, so only take a minute to describe a prior situation, your actions taken, and the results.

Your interview score is relative to your rank compared to the entire group of test-takers and interviewees. If your result is non-qualifying, you must wait two-years before re-applying. However, if you succeed, you will go forward into your Apprenticeship. 

Qualifying Application

Many people believe that electrical work experience is required prior to applying for an apprenticeship. However, the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) in conjunction with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) has established a simple application procedure that opens doors to everyone. A qualifying application requires only two factors:

  • Physical ability to perform physically-demanding electrical work
  • High school transcript covering Grades 9-12, or official record of GED test results

Upon receipt of a qualifying application, the training center will supply you a test date and time, along with a booklet containing a sample test. You can expect to take the test during the month after the application is filed.

To the test, bring a photo ID and $10 fee. Calculators are not allowed. Be sure to arrive 5 to 10 minutes early, as late arrivals will be considered a “no-show.”

You can thoroughly prepare for the behavioral questions and your entire interview process here with video tutorials, tips, and more.

Other Electrician Apprenticeship Exams

Depending on your location, you may have to take a different exam. Below is a list of other exams you may encounter when applying to an electrician pre-apprenticeship.

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The Electrician Apprenticeship Exam, the National Joint Apprenticeship Training Center (NJATC), the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), and other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders. None of the trademark holders are affiliated with JobTestPrep or this website.

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