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Are you interested in a career in the field of electronics (such as an electrician, electrical engineer, etc.)? In addition to taking a mechanical aptitude test, you will likely be required to take an electrical aptitude test. Learn more about electrical aptitude tests and begin preparing for it with JobTestPrep.
Electrical & Mechanical Aptitude Practice

Online practice of electrical and mechanical aptitude, with explanations and score reports.

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Test Format & Content:

Electrical aptitude test questions are designed to assess a candidate's knowledge in electrical aptitude and mathematics. In order to succeed on an electrical aptitude test, some level of prior knowledge and familiarity of electrical equipment, systems, and controls. Due to advances in technology, computer aptitude is now included in several electrical aptitude tests.

Areas assessed:

  • Algebra
  • Electrical concepts
  • Process flow
  • Signal flow
  • Electrical schematics
  • Electrical sequences

Candidates are required to answer simple algebra problems. Though it is not necessary to memorize any specific formulas, one must be able to calculate the problems mentally. This section is sometimes known as the algebra aptitude test. In addition to algebra, there is also a reading section. The applicant will be required to read a paragraph with instructions about electrical equipment and will then be asked questions regarding the passage. This section is used to determine the candidate’s level of understanding and ability to follow instructions when handling complex equipment.

Relevant occupations:

  • Electrical/Electrical Engineers
  • Electrician (Technician, Industrial, Journeyman, Control, Maintenance)
  • Protective-Signal Repairer/Installer
  • Wireman (Residential, Inside, Journeyman)
  • Outside Power Lineman

Start Practicing:

Electrical aptitude tests have become essential for many electrical related job. The equipment related to such positions is costly and employers don’t want to expose expensive machinery to those who are incapable of handling them, thus employers are very cautious during the hiring process. Therefore, the result of your electrical aptitude test is very important. To ensure a high score, one must prepare and study in advance. Just being exposed to the types of questions that appear on the test will help you to be prepared for the exam. JobTestPrep's mechanical and electrical aptitude practice pack includes practice tests in step-by-step mode as well as real-time simulation mode. Start preparing now with JobTestPrep and make the job yours!

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