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About DiSC Classic

DiSC Classic is the original DiSC profile. It is a 28-question test with a 20-page booklet containing the test, the scoring, and an interpretation of your results. It is used for professional and career development, personal coaching, communication, customer service, conflict management, team building, and more.

DiSC Classic can help employees understand how and when to adapt their behavior, improve communication, promote appreciation of differences, enhance individual and team performance, and reduce conflict. Find out more about DiSC personality test.

DiSC Classic Profile

The DiSC Classic profile is a report that shows you the results of your DiSC personality test. The report is divided into four sections.

The first section displays your behavioral style. It has three stages:

  • In the first stage, you will learn about your Highest DiSC Dimension. This means your DiSC style—whether you are a D, i, S, or C. This result is based on your responses to perceptions of the environment and the amount of control you feel you have in that environment. It will discuss in-depth your tendencies, needs, preferred environment, and strategies for effectiveness.
  • In stage two, you will be shown your strengths and weaknesses. These are presented in four columns—D, i, S, C. Under each column are 28 adjectives, seven of which are highlighted as descriptors of your behavior. You will then be given more details on these adjectives and how you relate to them.
  • The final stage, stage three, helps you discover your D, i, S, and C dimensions, which are combined to form your Classical Profile Pattern. This stage describes your work habits and insights.

The second section of the report describes the four DiSC Dimensions in relation to tendencies, needs, preferred environments, and effectiveness. This is general information so you can learn more about people who are like and unlike you.

The third section is an overview of all 15 Classical Profile Patterns: achiever, agent, appraiser, counselor, creative, developer, inspirational, investigator, objective thinker, perfectionist, persuader, practitioner, promoter, result-oriented, and specialist. For each of these patterns, you will receive a brief summary.

The fourth section provides scoring and data analysis of your report. You will be presented with three graphs: one with your most choices, one with your least choices, and a combination of the two. These are used to determine your highest DiSC dimensions, your Intensity Index scores, and your Classical Profile Pattern.

Other DiSC Classic Reports

There are two other DiSC Classic reports available: the DiSC Classic Group Culture report and the DiSC Classic Facilitator report.

The DiSC Classic Group Culture report is a 13-page report that identifies your team's DiSC culture. It helps you and your team understand what the team values most.

The DiSC Classic Facilitator report was designed to help you better understand the diversity of interpersonal styles within your team. This report includes the names of individuals and how they scored on the DiSC Classic assessment.

Preparing for DiSC Classic

DiSC Classic provides a report to help companies and employees gain a better understanding of themselves. Practicing for the DiSC personality test in advance will ensure you are prepared for the assessment. JobTestPrep offers a personality test with reports and study guides so that you can get an even better understanding of your results.

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