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Ace Your Clerical Aptitude Test

Many employers want to know ahead of time that they are hiring qualified candidates for clerical positions. After all, those in clerical positions are often the first face of the company, and thus their success is of crucial importance for the overall success of the organization. Learn more about the clerical aptitude tests you will likely see for the specific position you want, and start practicing for the test today for your best chance of success.

Clerical Positions That Require An Aptitude Test

Below are positions that usually require an aptitude test. Click on each position to find out more about the position and to get the practice pack for each one. 

Clerical Tests By Company

Although each employer may give his or her own aptitude test, there are also branded clerical tests that are trusted to fairly measure an applicant's skills. These tests include:

Clerical Position Test Preparation

If you feel that your clerical skills are not up to par, now is the time to improve them. Many employers will not consider your application if you do not get a score high enough on the aptitude test. JobTestPrep offers online clerical practice packs which were carefully compiled to refine your knowledge and skills and give you a comprehensive understanding of the test questions. Each pack includes:

  • Completely online and interactive questions. No downloads, no ebooks, no headaches!
  • Clear answers and explanations for each question.
  • A personalized score report, highlighting your score, areas needing improvement, and question-by-question analysis.
  • The Complete Clerical Test Guide-The comprehensive guide to successfully understanding the sections on the clerical test, including study guides for customer service questions, clerical abilities questions,math skills questions, and more.
  • Helpful customer service.
  • Hundreds of sample test questions.