Prepare for the CASAS Test

The CASAS Workforce Skills Certificate provides a stepping stone into the world of employment. The Certificate is accepted by the U.S. Department of Labor as well as the U.S. Department of Education as a valid measure of academic aptitude achievement.

Those who take CASAS tests are generally concerned with gaining employment, learning English as a foreign language, or obtaining a high-school equivalency certificate. The focus at CASAS is on work readiness abilities for entry-level positions and job promotions.

The tests that you will encounter which measure work readiness abilities are:

  • Math Test
  • Life & Work Reading Test
  • CASAS Life & Work Listening Terst

CASAS Math Test

Expect a multiple-choice format throughout the math portion of the CASAS exam.

Level A involves simple arithmetic.

Level B goes along a slightly more difficult mathematical path and includes many math elements such as decimals; fractions; the four arithmetic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; tables, charts and word problems.

Level C includes a bit more complicated functions like addition of mixed numbers, percentages, conversion of fractions to percentages and vice versa, application of food recipes, area of geometric shapes and word problems.

Level D contains basic high school math: percentages, exponents, the four arithmetic operations applied to mixed numbers, charts, word problems, addition of negative and positive numbers, ratios and equations.

A proven system of CASAS math test preparation relies on CASAS math practice tests with question & answer explanations. This type of exam prep yields an understanding of the focus behind the types of questions you will find on the actual exam, and the rationale of expected answers. 

CASAS Life & Work Reading Test

In the reading test you will encounter many different types of questions including a variety of written materials such as information statements, instructions, tables, charts, memos and passages. Expect the multiple-choice alternatives to contain words and phrases that differ from the written material presented. Select the response that fits logically with the given material.

CASAS reading practice tests work well as a preparation tool for Life & Work Reading exams. The more practice exams you complete, the less CASAS testing anxiety you will feel, contributing to increased accuracy and speed.

CASAS Life & Work Listening Test

The predominant format of the Listening test is multiple-choice in an audio framework. Utilized heavily in a CASAS ESL context, this part of the CASAS exam assesses listening skills and the ability to understand spoken English.

The listening test contains Levels A – C and includes three parts: 1) Comprehension; 2) Predicting the next sentence; and 3) Determining the true statement. All answers are based solely on the oral material presented.

Preparing for CASAS Testing

Practicing with JobTestPrep's CASAS sample tests will contribute to the achievement of a CASAS Workforce Skills Certificate, bringing you a giant step closer to getting hired. We provide all of the study tools necessary for CASAS exam success.

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