Prepare for the Berke Assessment

 The Berke Assessment is a job hiring test provided by the Berke Assessment company. It is used to help companies decide which candidates are the best fit for open positions.

The Berke Assessment measures talent, personality, and intelligence. There are two types of tests included in this assessment, personality and cognitive ability tests.

Berke Personality Tests

The Berke personality test assesses a person's natural behavior. The personality traits the test measures are:

  • Assertiveness – to take initiative in order to control or influence a situation.
  • Intensity – to react strongly, immediately, and intensely, especially when frustrated or when events do not unfold as planned.
  • Optimism – to think positively about the future, no matter what is happening.
  • Responsiveness – to react spontaneously and to express emotions outwardly.
  • Social Adaptability– to adapt to other people's feeling in order to avoid unpleasant consequences.
  • Sociability– to actively and consistently seek out new people to interact with.
  • Structure: to see order, certainty, and correctness.

Berke Cognitive Ability Test

The Berke Cognitive Ability test measures a person's cognitive talent in:

  • Idea Productivity– the ability to produce ideas rapidly one after another.
  • Logical Problem-Solving – the ability to think through large, complicated problems in a logical step-by-step method.
  • Rapid Fire Problem-Solving – the ability to deal quickly with many problems, one after the other.
  • Spatial Visualization– the ability to mentally hold, manipulate, and think about three or more dimensions.
  • Vocabulary – measures how easily and quickly a person picks up and learns new concepts and ideas.

Berke Assessment Test Questions

Berke offers a variety of assessments geared toward the specific job you are applying for. Therefore, each assessment varies according to the position.

Some questions, you will be given a sentence with words missing. The missing words are listed below the incomplete sentence. You must choose the correct word choice in order to create the most sensible sentence.

Another type of question, you will have to select words from a list that are related to one another. Each list also contains words that are not related. You will be asked to select the related words.

For the typing section of the test, you will have 30 seconds to type a paragraph as quickly and accurately as possible.

There may also be questions in which you will have to indicate if you agree or disagree with a series of statements.

Berke Assessment Format

The Berke Assessment can take anywhere between 12 to 55 minutes. The length of the assessment varies due to the fact that it was created to match specific job requirements.

Berke Assessment Reports

The Berke has three kinds of reports.

  • Job Fit Report – This report discusses the measures that match a job to a person. It shows if the behaviors and talents required for the job match the candidate. It gives not only an overview of all of the personality traits and cognitive abilities, but it also provides a descriptive review of the candidate and lists his or her mismatching traits.
  • Interview Guide – This report is customized to each person and job. It gives the company a description of the candidate and then offers questions that would be good to ask during that candidate's interview.
  • Personal Report – This report was designed to be shared with an employee. It can be used for conversations between managers and employees about developmental opportunities.

Companies Which Use Breke Testing

Company Position(s)
Beazer Homes Sales
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