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Practice for the AlixPartners Hiring Process

Founded in 1981, AlixPartners offers their clients with small teams of very qualified professionals with profound insight. Their clients include corporate boards, management, law firms, investment banks, and other establishments. AlixPartners offers a campus recruiting process, which allows both sides to obtain clear insight of the fit for candidates and the job position. The AlixPartners consulting team helps new employees acquire a large range of skills and experience. AlixPartners seeks candidates who generate innovative ideas, possess excellent communication skills, and overcome obstacles to solve complex problems.

The AlixPartners recruitment process is outlined below:

Application: Candidates can accomplish the application process by applying through an employee referral or a campus recruiter. A form can also be filled out online with a resume attached.

Telephone Interview: An HR recruiter will initially call applicants over the phone as the initial part of the interview process. These phone calls can be performed again with another employer. These calls evaluate candidates’ technical knowledge regarding the career and their personality.

In-Person Interview: The interview process may be performed over several stages. The first session is a dialogue in-person to understand one’s skills, attributes, and career goals.

Tests: The AlixPartners assessment process. helps them identify candidates who will thrive in the position of interest. Test-takers can gain insights into their own cognitive abilities and team-work skills when taking these entrance exams.


The AlixPartners Caliper and Wonderlic Tests

Psychometric testing is part of the AlixPartners assessment process which uses various aptitude tests to score one’s personality traits and cognitive abilities required for the position. These tests help employers compare each applicants’ suitability for the vacant jobs. The Caliper Personality test displays one’s qualities and what each trait says about their fit in the work environment. Applicants’ strengths and values are measured as a whole. The core skills which the Caliper personality test highlights are candidates’ management, social, problem-solving, and time management capabilities. Read here about Caliper.

In addition, the Wonderlic Personnel Tests, also known as the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test, evaluates candidates’ aptitude when resolving problems and following instructions. There are two Wonderlic tests which measure one’s overall reasoning abilities in mathematics, vocabulary, grammar, and logical/abstract thinking. The Wonderlic Personality Tests assess one’s personality traits as well.

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AlixPartners Interview Questions

The AlixPartners interview process can be conducted one-on-one or in a group/panel setting. Interview methods differ, and may be competency-based, technical, or entail case interview questions. Case interviews are part of the process for consulting roles specifically and ask probing questions so candidates can gain a real inside view of what it is like to work on an AlixPartners assignation. Candidates are given the ability to display their problem-solving approach and client communication.

Example interview questions are as follows:

  • Why AlixPartners?
  • What does 'success' mean to you? What does it look like?
  • Tell me about one of the projects you had done before.
  • How do you handle prioritizing multiple different tasks?


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