Accounting Questions Practice

How Much Practice Will You Get?

18 Practice Tests with over 500 questions on different accounting topics:

  • 2 General Accounting tests
  • 2 Accounting Tabular reasoning tests
  • 3 Basic Accounting Terms tests
  • 2 Accounts Bookkeeping tests
  • 2 Accounts Payable tests
  • 2 Accounts Receivable tests
  • 5 General Ledger and Journal Entries tests

Practice questions that accurately simulate the assessments you will face in the accounting job application process.

Over 50 Additional Practice Tests

  • Math and numerical skills
  • Verbal competencies
  • Logical reasoning
  • Additional topics to expand your expertise beyond core accounting skills

As with any other profession, accounting demands more than technical hard skills. The additional practice inside the Accounting Questions PrepPack will take your skills to the next level, covering different aspects that affect accuracy, speed, and critical thinking, which are helpful for solving accounting questions.

Essential SJT, Personality, and Interview Practice to cover you from every angle!

  • 5 Situational Judgement Practice Tests
  • Researched Personality Test Simulation
  • 32 Single Trait Personality Practice
  • Accounting Interview Preparation

all with detailed answers and reports!

Will Solving Accounting Questions Affect Your Performance?

Some candidates believe that their work experience and theoretical understanding are enough to do well on application assessments. The truth is that focused and accurate preparation on the precise question types has a much higher impact on your success in screening assessments. Practicing gains further importance when considering competition for the job. Competing with multiple, similarly experienced candidates and having an advantage is a must.

Quantity and Quality

Our extensive experience in the market shows that both quantity and quality are vital when developing skills and practicing for tests. Repeated exposure to questions that mimic your tests not only helps you gain familiarity, comfort, and confidence in yourself but also radiates to the rest of the application process and interviews. When you know your value as a potential employee, it will be recognized by the recruiters. 

Why Isn't Free Practice Enough?

Our Free Accounting Questions Practice page is an incredible first step for your preparation for your accounting assessment and understanding a few of the basics. However, as accounting is a broad field with many different topics to get familiar with, effectively preparing for your application tests will require diving deeper. To be truly prepared, you will need to solve questions on different topics and learn through your feedback what your weak areas are. Our Accounting Questions Practice will help you achieve just that and continue your preparation accordingly.


The Impact of Scoring High on Salary Negotiation

Effective practice will help you score high on your application assessments and give you a competitive advantage over recruiters. Demonstrating proficiency in relevant skills sets you apart as a top candidate, showcasing your value and allowing you to negotiate for a salary that reflects your worth.

Why Us?

Simple. We have been around the longest and know the best. For over 30 years, we have mastered the art of gathering accurate information on job assessments and have been developing precise test preparation accordingly. With our in-depth knowledge, you can take a step back and focus your energies on studying.

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