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What is The Aon Assessment/cut-e Test?

cut-e Test Types

Aon Aptitude - Numerical

Aon Aptitude - Verbal

Aon Aptitude - Logical

Aon smartPredict

Aon chatAssess

Aon Integrity Test



What Is the Aon Assessment (cut-e Test)?

cut-e tests are used to recruit and develop candidates by a number of companies.

These tests are very different from other assessment tests - point deduction for wrong answers, usage of different tabs to find answers, and gamified simulations of real life-situations make them especially challenging.

After getting test results from thousands of recruits, the sorting system presents the recruiters with the most suitable candidates. For example, if the company wants recruits in the top 2% of numerical tests, the system will sort candidates according to the desired percentiles. The sorting system improves after every test administered since it cumulates data to calculate the best possible employees even more accurately.


Aon Test Types

 Aon's Assessment Solutions tests are divided into general categories, and each category can include several specific tests (also known as Scales).

The tests sometimes have a number of versions focused on specific subjects (such as finance, consumer, and industry). However, the specific subject categorization only changes the 'flavor' of the test- so, for example, practicing with a finance version for the industry version of the test is no problem.

This table has every category the PrepPack has, covering a wide variety of Aon's assessment tests. Click any of the names to go directly to that test's section on this page.


Category Test Name

Aptitude - Numerical

Aptitude - Verbal

Aptitude - Logical

Special Knowledge and Skills

smartPredict - Gamified Tests

  • gridChallenge
  • switchChallenge (scales sx)
  • digitChallenge 
  • motionChallenge
  • Gamified SJT (chatAssess)




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Aptitude - Numerical


Numerical Reasoning (Scales Numerical)

  • Measures your ability to understand, analyze and interpret information presented in tables and graphs.
  • Determine if a statement is true, false, or undeterminable by looking for the information in the correct tab.
  • Note: If you submit an answer while the wrong tab is open, you will lose points even if your answer is correct.
  • 37 questions, 12 minutes- you have 20 seconds for each question.

The Scales Numerical test uses the six tabs structure. In order to answer each question, you need to find which tab is relevant to what is being asked, and then locate the answer. For example, if the statement is about expenses, the correct tab would be "Operating Expenses".

Scales Numerical Sample Question

Try solving this question in 20 seconds - that's the speed you need for the real test.

Is the statement true, false or undeterminable? Select the correct tab and find the relevant information.

Statement: In fiscal years 6-8, on average, the women's department was the most profitable of all Flying Colour's departments.

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Operating Expenses
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Product Sales
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Cannot Say
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is "True".

The word "profitable" implies that the answer to this question is under the "Profits" tab. The graph presents the varying share in profit for each of the different departments across a three-year period.

Look at the women's department's share in profit through FYs 6-8. In FYs 6 and 8, it had the largest share in profit, and in FY 7 its share was identical to that of the men's department. The women's department's share was never lower than any other department. Therefore, on average, this department was indeed the most profitable during those three years. The above statement is true.

Note: Another way to solve this question would be to calculate the actual average share in profit. We can see that the men's and women's departments were by far more profitable than any of the other departments, so we can focus on those two alone, calculate their averages, and then compare the results. However, this is likely to consume too much of your time and effort. When you need to compare a set of numbers, try to look at them before you decide on your plan of action. In this case, since the numbers of both departments are relatively close, and since there are only three years to consider, the comparison is relatively easy without any actual calculations.


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Numerical Reasoning (Scales eql)

  • Measures your ability to construct mathematical equations that result in a given value.
  • Add the correct values to complete the equation so that it is correct. 
  • 15 Questions, 5 minutes- you have 20 seconds for each question.
  • Note: This test is not taken online- you will be asked to print it.


Scales eql Sample Question

Complete the equation! Each digit may only be used once.

Click here to see the solution

According to BODMAS (Brackets, Orders, Division and Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction), We should start with multiplication. Then, we should think about the numbers that will best advance us towards the predefined result. For instance, 3*5 equals 15, which is close to 16. If we apply it to the equation:
x + 15 = 16
x = 1
Therefore, a possible solution is (1, 3, 5).
Other possible solutions: (4, 2, 6) , (8, 2, 4) , (6, 2, 5).

The Aon Assessment PrepPack has a specialized practice test for scales eql, with detailed explanations and solutions for every question.

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Aptitude - Verbal


Verbal Reasoning (Scales Verbal)

  • Measures your ability to understand texts and to analyze and interpret the information therein.
  • You must determine if a statement is true, false, or undeterminable by choosing the correct tab and finding the relevant information.
  • Note: If you submit an answer while the wrong tab is open, you will lose points even if your answer is correct.
  • 49 questions, 12 minutes- you have 15 seconds per question.

Scales Verbal uses the six tabs structure, like Scales Numerical. You need to choose the tabs in which the answer to the question is, and then find the information you need to determine the answer. If, for example, you are asked about a location, you should look for the answer in the Locations tabs.


Scales Verbal Sample Question

Try solving this question in 15 seconds- that's how long you'll have for each question during the test.

Statement: All the cleaning staff is on standby every single moment.

Is the statement true, false, or undeterminable?

(Find the tab with the relevant information and use it to choose the answer)

Structure and Responsibilities


Shareholders – shareholders are people who invest their own funds in a company. A shareholder is usually an outside investor, but some management positions hold shares in the company as an incentive to put more effort into it. To avoid a conflict of interest, employees from management positions cannot be hired as managers in the subsidiary organization, even if the organization is non-profit.
Management – this division is comprised of the CEO, the sales representative, and team leaders and secretaries who have worked in the company for three years or more.

Materials – this division is comprised of engineers, truckers, lab researchers, assembly line workers and tech support. During the high season period, the company hires a fair amount of freelancers to help with the lab research. After the season ends, their contract is terminated. The cleaning staff is an outside company paid to clean organization facilities, and are under the supervision of the safety engineer.

The company will open a bid for the audit committee position every year. The chairman must be someone with no substantial affiliation to the company, not an employee, not from an employee's family or future family, and certainly cannot be someone who took part in the organization in the past 5 years.



The cleaning staff must have three employees on "standby" to respond to any of the safety engineer’s calls.

All employees must work 9 hours a day, and no more than 13 hours in overtime.

The CEO may allocate 12% of the company's yearly revenue for research and development.

For charity outreach, the company will send three employees to Manchester's soup kitchen for a full workweek.

Product and Services

Pipelines – this service is provided by the materials division representatives and not someone who specializes in plumbing; thus, it's one of the least profitable products the company offers due to bad reviews.

Natural gas products – a seasonal product operated by seasonal employees only. The revenue from these products is allocated to the subsidiary company.

Electricity usage efficiency – this service is one of the most profitable products/services the company offers. This service is scheduled through sales and is provided by the engineers.

The company's research team is trying to initiate a new business strategy and provide one additional product – printed 3-D building blocks. This is not a product yet, but it will be in 2029.


The management division is located in the northern business center of Manchester, with three additional active locations around the country: The pipeline manufacturing factory is located in the industrial area of South Manchester. The natural gas production is located on an oil platform on the shores of the country. The electricity usage efficiency is a service that does not require a plant but does require an office with all the right facilities. This office is located next to the management offices.

Once a year, the company rents a research lab for three months in a different location.

The cleaning staff has its own cabin for sleeping outside the pipeline factory.

The company owns a suite of offices in downtown Manchester. Those offices are rented to a third party at the moment but can be cleared out within 14 days from the moment the company notifies the third party.

Missions and Schedule

All plants must be running 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Assembly line workers work in shifts of 8 hours. Within their shifts, workers must melt 850 lbs. of steel and manufacture 107 deluxe pipelines altogether.

The CEO, the head of engineers, and the employee in charge of the cleaning staff must convene once a week for a site-wide operational evaluation.

The delivery team, which is comprised of the truckers, must report to the head of sales every 12 hours.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is elected by the shareholders and is assigned to monitor the company's activity as a whole.

The Board of Directors hires the CEO themselves, and they have the power to fire him if 10% of the management agrees to it.

The Board of Directors convenes every 75 days and discusses the CEO's performance every 100 days.

The Board of Directors has the right to allocate up to $100,000 in bonuses every year. Higher amounts should be authorized by the shareholders' general assembly.

Every director can be fired by the shareholders' general assembly, and once every five years 40% of them must be replaced by new directors.

No management employees are allowed to be in the company's Board of Directors.

The board must consist of at least 33% females, at least 20% males and at least 12% university graduates.


The company is willing to provide any document regarding electricity and pollution stats for the past year to any inquiring party. The document will be issued by the weekly evaluation committee.

With regard to yearly revenue, the board will not provide any reports to any party other than the shareholders.

The company will not provide any reports regarding its missions, schedule, or the profit division of products and services to any third party.

Shareholder reports should be provided by the CEO to the board, and the board will disseminate the reports to the shareholders.

Once every five months the company will deliver a report to the government addressing issues required by the commissioner. However, if any of the information could potentially hurt future revenue or violate privacy, the report won't be provided without a warrant.

The company will receive tax refunds of 12% if they invest at least 42 weekly hours in a known non-profit organization or at least 60 weekly hours in any other charity work. The 12% tax refund may accumulate into millions a year; thus, it is a profitable strategy. The company has been receiving refunds for the past three years.


Cannot Say
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is "Cannot Say".

We don't know how many employees are on the cleaning staff, thus we cannot say if the requirement for three employees on standby (as stated in the first paragraph in the Responsibilities tab) requires all of them or just part of the cleaning staff. 

 The Aon Assessment PrepPack comes with 5 different practice tests covering 3 scales verbal versions, and 3 extra verbal reasoning exercises.

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Aptitude - Logical 


Inductive Logical Thinking (Scales cls)

  • Measures your ability to discover rules and relationships between objects and then apply them yourself.
  • Find the pattern that divides the two colors of grids, and apply it to several other grids accordingly.
  • 12 questions, 12 minutes - you have one minute per question.

In Scales cls, you are shown several grids with characters and/or numbers on them. The grids are divided into Orange and Blue, according to a certain pattern. Your job is to find that pattern and apply it to determine the color of several other grids.


​Scales cls sample question

Observe the six upper diamonds and determine the color of each of the bottom ones.

Click here for the answer

The answer, from left to right, is Orange, Orange, Blue, Blue.

The first step is to look for a pattern. If we can find a pattern for either color, we can deduce any diamond that shares that pattern is of that color and any that does not follow is the other color.

In this case, the pattern is that all tables with A's in all four corners are orange. so, we mark the first two diamonds as orange and the rest as blue.

The Aon Assessment PrepPack has two full scales cls practice tests with detailed explanations for quick, accurate performance on the actual test. 

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Inductive Logical Thinking (Scales ix)

  • Measures your ability to recognize discrepancies.
  • You will be shown nine objects and must identify the odd one out.
  • 20 questions, 5 minutes- You have 15 seconds per question.


Scales ix sample question

Mark the object that does not follow the rule. Try answering in 15 seconds.

Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is H.

The objects form a numerical series: When moving from one object to the next, the number of stars increases by 1 and then, from the 5th object onwards, decreases by 1.
The only object that does not fit this rule is H, which contains 3 stars instead of 2.

Another way to look at the question is to say that the objects form a formal series: Each time a new star is added to (and from the 5th object onwards, an existing star is removed from) the pattern of stars that appeared in the previous object.

Note: It is not necessary to discern both the numerical and formal aspects of the series in order to solve the question.

The Aon Assessment PrepPack has 3 full scales ix practice tests with explanations for each question, as well as a detailed guide on improving your performance.

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Inductive Logical Thinking (Scales clx)

  • Measures your ability to recognize rules in complex structures.
  • You will see two grids with symbols, linked by a common rule.
  • You need to recognize the common rule and choose two additional grids that follow it.
  • You have 6 minutes to answer as many questions as possible.


Scales clx sample question

Choose the two grids that follow the rule. Try answering in 15 seconds.

Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is 1,3.

The rule is that each individual grid contains the same shape in the upper row as in the lower row (The upper grids have plus shapes, while the lower grids contain squares). In addition, the middle row is identical for both grids.

Grids 1 and 3 are the only grids that follow this rule.

The Aon Assessment PrepPack has 4 scales clx practice tests for easy, intermediate, and advanced level practice so you can see continuous improvement and score high on your cut-e scales clx test. 

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Deductive Logical Thinking (Scales lst)

  • This test measures your ability to use logical reasoning.
  • You will see a grid with a few symbols, one of which you must choose (marked by "?").
  • Each symbol may only appear once in each row (horizontal) and column (vertical).
  • 15 questions, 6 minutes - you have 24 seconds to answer each question.


Scales lst sample question

What symbol should appear in place of the question mark?

Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is X.

The shape missing from the third row is the X- therefore, the answer is X.

The Aon Assessment PrepPack has four scales lst practice tests with full, detailed explanations for each question.

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Special Knowledge and Skills


Calculation Skills (Scales tmt)

This test measures your applied numeracy skills in the following areas:

  • Percentage calculation
  • Rule of three
  • Calculation of areas and spaces
  • Conversion of units

The test lasts 16 minutes and consists of 20 questions - about 50 seconds for each question.

 Scales tmt sample question

 The total cost of an electric bill is $318.00. If 6% tax, which is added to the cost of the electricity, is included in the $318.00, how much did the electricity cost before tax?

Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is C.

The bill was for $318 including a 6% tax. Notice that a 6% is added to the net cost - that is, the tax is not 6% of 318, but 318 is 106% of the electricity cost, meaning 318 is (106/100)= 1.06 times the net electricity cost.
In order to isolate electricity, we will divide each side by 1.06.

That means that

Solving tip
Before trying to solve the question, it may be helpful to first look at the answer choices. Notice that according to answer A the price without tax ($337.08) is higher than the price with tax ($318). Since this cannot be, answer A can be eliminated.
According to answer B the price without tax ($19.02) is almost $300 less than the price with tax ($318). We know that 6% of 19.02 cannot be anywhere near 298.92 and we can therefore eliminate answer B.

The two remaining answer choices are very close together, $298.92 and $300. Instead of dividing 318/1.06, we can multiply one of these two answer choices by 1.06 and see if we get 318.
We will check 300, as it is a much more comfortable number to work with.
=3×100+ 3×6

300 is, therefore, the correct answer. Notice that if we had first multiplied 298.92×1.06 we would have gotten 316.8552. We could have then eliminated answer D and concluded answer C was the correct answer without checking it.

The Aon Assessment PrepPack has a full scales tmt practice test with questions, answers and explanations for each of the four areas of the test. 


SmartPredict - Gamified Tests

 This category of tests includes tests similar to previous ones, adapted into games to more accurately reflect the skills they measure.

The preparation pack on this page offers everything you need for the GridChallenge, SwitchChallenge, and DigitChallenge tests- with MotionChallenge currently under work.

The PrepPack contains algorithm-based tests that allow for an almost infinite number of generated questions! In addition, the practice tests are adaptive: harder questions after correct answers, easier questions after wrong answers - just like the real tests.

For detailed information about the SmartPredict tests, click here

The SmartPredict tests are:

1. GridChallenge - used to measure executive attention by combining memory questions with spatial orientation tasks.




2. SwitchChallenge - this is a gamified version of scales sx, in which you must find the correct number code to reorganize four symbols.




3. DigitChallenge - this is a gamified version of scales eql, in which you are given a predetermined value and must create an equation that results in it.




4. Gamified Situational Judgement Test (ChatAssess) - this test belongs to the "values, motives, and culture" Aon category officially, and is a gamified situational judgement test. It simulates a working environment by testing your ability to reply to messages with multiple-choice answers. To learn more about the gamified SJT and how to pass it, click here.




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Aon Integrity Test - Squares


This test is meant to detect individuals who exhibit counterproductive work behavior (CWB) - which employers do not want. This is done by assessing candidate behavior under several situational factors:

• Distraction
• Ambiguity
• Boredom
• Indifference
• Opportunism
• Superficiality

During the Squares test Candidates must read a statement and then choose the option that best describes them on a provided scale. 

The Aon Assessment PrepPack includes a full guide on how the cut-e squares test works, and an accurate practice test as well.

To learn more about Aon Personality tests, click here.


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For every test explained on this page, the PrepPack offers the best realistic practice you can find. Get the PrepPack and make sure you pass your Aon assessment with a high grade, and get your dream job!





What is a MapTQ test?

Aon assessment tests/cut-e tests are sometimes referred to online as MapTQ tests. This name comes from the online hosting system that is used to conduct the tests. When you take your cut-e test, it will most likely be using the MapTQ platform.


What companies use cut-e tests?

Several companies worldwide use Aon Assessment to acquire the best candidates for employment. Some of these include Procter & Gamble, Morgan Stanley, UBS, and Credit Suisse.


What computer should I use for the cut-e test?

Almost all Aon Tests can be completed on smartphones and tablets. For the best performance, however, you should take the test on a PC or laptop, or mobile if you are taking a gamified test. Also, make sure you are using the latest browser version to prevent compatibility errors, and that your internet connection is stable. 


Can you use a calculator during a cut-e test?

Some Aon assessment tests allow a calculator- if using one is not allowed, you will be notified. In addition, having a pen and paper on hand is sometimes very useful- some tests have complex questions that require several stages to answer, and writing them down is critical for success.


How is an Aon test scored?

During most Aon tests, points are given for correct answers and deducted for incorrect ones- this means that guessing is not as useful as it is for other tests.

In addition, each test generates a feedback report you can use to understand your results- the company for which you are taking the test should make this available to you.

Unfortunately, more specific information is currently un-available- Aon keeps its scoring methods a secret.



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