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What Is ATS?

ATS (Applicant Testing Services Inc.) is a Canadian company that specializes in pre-employment screening tests for law enforcement, emergency services, and other unique career paths. They are best known for their GATB (General Abilities Test Battery) and PATI (Police Analytical Thinking Inventory) tests. ATS offers its applicants assessments for five specific career paths, each requiring the candidate to undergo a different set of tests. The offered career paths are: Police Constable, Special Constable, Firefighter, Nuclear Security and TTC Officer.

ATS Tests Information

ATS offers six different aptitude tests:

  Description Approximate
GATB Estimates one's generallearning ability, form perceptionand clerical perception. 45 minutes paper-and-pencil
WCT An analytical thinking task thatassesses one's deduction abilities and information organization skills. 60 minutes paper-and-pencil
WPT Evaluates the quality of a givenwriting assignment based on aspecific subject. 25 minutes paper-and-pencil
PATI Estimates a candidate'sdeductive reasoning, inductivereasoning, and quantitativereasoning. 90 minutes paper-and-pencil
PREP Physical evaluation whichincludes a pursuit circuit andan aerobic shuttle run. 20 minutes physical examination
CPS Evaluates numerical abilities,reading comprehension,mechanical reasoning,teamwork skills, andunderstanding of oralinformation. 120 minutes paper-and-pencil

The Tests Required for Each Position

Each position required a different set of tests as the following table shows:

  Police Constable Special Constable Firefighter Nuclear Security TTC Officer
GATB - V - V V
WCT V - - V -
WPT - V - - V
PATI V - - - -
PATI V - - - -
CPS - - V - -

Who Needs to Take an ATS Test?

Individuals interested in working in Canada as police officers, firefighters, nuclear security people, special constables and TTC officers will be required to take several of ATS’s tests.

Also, if you are specifically interested in working at Chalk River, AECL (Atomic Energy of Canada Limited) has signed a contract with ATS. That means that as part of the hiring process, you are required to take pre-employment screening tests conducted by ATS.

Begin Practicing with ATS Questions and Tests

Whether you are planning on starting a career as a police officer, special constable or TTC officer, JobTestPrep is ready to help you get on your dream career path. Try our GATB and PATI PrepPacks.

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