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What's Included


  • Two full-length Watson-Glaser–style tests
  • Additional 290 Watson-Glaser–style practice questions
  • Normalized test scores per position 
  • Comprehensive explanations and solving tips
  • Study guides for inferences, deductions, interpretations, arguments
  • Video tutorials
  • Secured payment
  • Immediate online access
  • Exclusive to JobTestPrep


Getting hired at ARCO/Murray isn't an easy process, but it's worth it for the positive work environment, opportunities for advancement and benefits that a career at ARCO/Murray offers.  You must pass a Watson Glaser psychometric test in order to be considered for a position at ARCO/Murray. Gain a competitive edge over other job seekers by practicing for your aptitude test, and earn your place among the top candidates.

What Is the Hiring Process at ARCO/Murray?

ARCO thoroughly vets and screens its applicants in order to ensure that they are hiring the top candidates who will fit in seamlessly. The application process is as follows:

  1. Submit your application and CV online. There is an online screening process which selects the best applications for interviews.
  2. Complete several interviews.
  3. Take a personality test.
  4. Pass the Watson Glaser.

Since the competition for a position at ARCO is fierce, it is imperative to prepare for the recruitment process in advance, especially the Watson Glaser.

What Is the Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal (WGCTA)?

The Watson Glaser is an assessment which evaluates critical thinking skills, which influence your ability to problem-solve and make sound decisions. Critical thinking is defined by the ability to take a wide view of an issue and analyze it from various perspectives, as well as to differentiate between facts and opinions.

What Is Included on the Watson Glaser Test?

The Watson Glaser test is divided into five sections which each assess a different skill.

Section One: Inference

Making inferences is the ability to draw a conclusion from a set of facts. You will read a passage and be presented with a statement that could or could not be inferred from the information in the passage. You need to judge if the statement is true, probably true, false, probably false, or if there is insufficient data to verify the veracity of the statement.

Section Two: Recognizing Assumptions

In this section, you are presented with a passage, followed by an assumption. You need to determine whether the assumption is made in the passage or not.

Section Three: Deduction

This section evaluates your ability to deduce conclusions from a set of facts. For example, you may be presented with the following sentence: "No manager can avoid conflict with his or her employees." Then you may be told, "All workers experience conflict", and you must decide if this conclusion is warranted from the previous statement.

Section Four: Interpretation

In this section, you will be given a short passage to read. You will then be presented with a conclusion, and your task is to determine if the conclusion logically follows what you have read in the statement.  

Section Five: Evaluation of Arguments

This section measures your ability to determine the relative strength or weakness of an argument. You are given a question, followed by an argument. You must decide whether the argument is weak or strong.

How Is the Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal Scored?

Your score reflects your reading comprehension, analysis, and evaluation skills. These include your ability to separate fact from opinion, your ability to evaluate arguments, and your ability to draw conclusions based on written evidence.

How Can I Achieve a High Score on the Watson Glaser?

You may score highly on the Watson Glaser by improving your reading comprehension skills. Learning how to read actively, searching for facts, opinions, and arguments is a skill that can be learned. By practicing with our exclusive study materials, you can ensure that your score will place you among the top candidates at ARCO/Murray.

What Is the Interview Process at ARCO/Murray?

Interviews with ARCO/Murray tend to be informal in nature. However, you will be required to take a personality test as well as the Watson Glaser in order to make sure that you are a good fit for the company. Start practicing now.

Why Should I Prepare for the Hiring Process at ARCO/Murray?

In order to secure your position of choice at ARCO/Murray, you must demonstrate to the hiring managers that you possess the necessary critical thinking skills. By becoming familiar with the types of questions that are on the Watson Glaser and practicing beforehand, you increase your chances of obtaining a high score on this psychometric test. Preparation is key to getting hired. Don’t risk losing out on a new job—start practicing today.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What jobs can I apply for at ARCO/Murray?

The following are some of the positions that JobTestPrep has helped candidates prepare for in the past:

Jobs at ARCO/Murray
In-house counsel Project manager

Development manager

Rail engineer

Environmental positions

Civil engineer

Why is critical thinking important to employers? 

Strong critical thinking skills indicate an ability to process information and make informed and unbiased decisions. These are important abilities for a manager to possess.

What perks can I expect if I am hired by ARCO/Murray?

ARCO is known as a great place to work. You can expect the following benefits if you are hired: 

  • generous bonus program
  • medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • paid 30-day sabbatical after every five years of employment
  • tuition reimbursement for associates and their children
  • one week of paid leave per year to perform community service
  • matched charitable contributions

Where does ARCO/Murray operate?

ARCO/Murray has offices in 11 major markets and hundreds of employees nationwide, and it is growing rapidly.

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