Prepare for the Test Assessing Secondary Completion Test (TASC)
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The TASC Test was designed by DTC|CTB in an effort to transition from Common Core essentials to a more present day realistic Depth of Knowledge (DOK). The TASC measures high school equivalency based on Common Core and College and Career Readiness Standards.

You will encounter TASC if you take part in the high school equivalency testing programs of any of the following states: California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, West Virginia and Wyoming.

Format of TASC

Flexibility is one of the hallmarks of TASC. This high school assessment test can be taken at any state-approved exam location. It is formatted in both Paper & Pencil and online for convenient test administration.

Multiple-choice is the primary format found in all of the subject tests, except Writing. However, interspersed among multiple-choice questions, are some items that require a written answer.

Content of Test Assessing Secondary Completion

TASC is comprised of five sections, often referred to as individual tests:

  • Reading – A moderately long passage is presented, followed by various questions. Some of the tasks involve drawing conclusions, summarizing, recalling information, determining the author’s purpose, defining particular words and determining the best title. The items and expected answers are all derived from the written material presented. In addition to multiple-choice selections, you may be required to write a summary of the text.
  • Math – Expect questions that reflect the content of high school math. Some of the topics covered include: volume of spheres, determination of the length of a rectangle side, ratios, area of triangles, simple linear equations, graphs, tables, addition of polynomial expressions and word problems.
  • Science – The Science portion of TASC presents a short passage or scientific description covering a specific science topic. Using the information found in the written material, you will be asked to work with facets such as graphs, tables, elements, molecules, diagrams and DNA.
  • Social Studies – You will encounter a wide range of topics dealing with governments, nations and populations. Expect charts, photographs, constitutional amendments and political cartoons, as well as items dealing with wars & treaties, political philosophy and US elections. Along with the selection of multiple-choice alternatives, you may be required to write an essay concerning a specific aspect of a given paragraph.
  • Writing – The skills that are assessed in the this section include: grammar, spelling, English usage, logic and clarity of word flow, sentence structure and the communication of ideas through the written word. The main element involves an essay; in response to two opposing prompts.

TASC Scores

In order to pass TASC, it is necessary to pass each of the five subject-matter tests. The Pass threshold is 500. Your score for each skill contained within the TASC test battery is written in three ways: Your scale score, the score at the 50th percentile and the score at the 75th percentile.

Prepare for the TASC Test

By working on TASC practice tests, you gain a familiarity with the types of questions and exam format that you will face on the actual TASC test battery. TASC test practice also provides an essential review of the five subjects covered in the high school equivalency exam. That review is enhanced by an explanation of the questions and correct answers, giving you a look at the focus behind items and rationale for expected responses.

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