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About jetBlue PrepPacks™

Our PrepPacks™ were designed to give you an advantage throughout the jetBlue recruitment process. During the hiring process, you will most likely encounter an assessment test. The assessment you will be asked to take varies on the position.

Some of the assessments you may encounter include mathematical, verbal, mechanical, or abstract reasoning. Other tests you may encounter behavioral tests such as situational judgement and personality tests.


It was successful and I passed the test, the experience with the past question simulated the actual test condition.


jetBlue Customer Service Test

The customer service aptitude test is used in every industry where company representatives interface with clients, such as banking, telecommunication, retail, airlines and more. Your employers are looking for a patient, positive, and diplomatic approach to clients while utilizing impressive problem-solving skills – especially for those challenging, nerve-wracking clients! Therefore, your customer service assessments will usually include Scenario or Situational Judgement Tests, where you’ll face a variety of scenarios involving conflicts and be asked to mark the best possible solution to each one. Additionally, you’ll be asked to complete a Personality Profiling exam, whose questions attempt to uncover your emotion regulation skills, handling of intimidation and criticism, and effective resolution of conflicts.


Propel Your Career with Our Practice Airline Industry Assessment Tests

If you are nervous about your forthcoming pre-employment assessment, put your preparation process into hands of JobTestPrep. We offer a sophisticated PrepPack™ containing close test simulations, drills, and step-by-step study guides. Equipped with knowledge, you will easily outshine other job candidates and will convince recruiters to make a hiring decision in your favor.


jetBlue Interview Structure

If the jetBlue’s recruiters approve of your résumé, they will want to have a brief conversation over the phone with you first. Prepare to answer questions about your work experience and career goals. The phone interview is usually followed by the jetBlue’s test and, if you receive good grades on it, by another interview conversation with recruiters. Questions posed during the second interview are competency-based and situational. The first type is designed to measure your suitability for the position; the second evaluates how well you can make decisions in difficult situations. Situational questions should be answered according to the STAR format. Following this method will help you present the situation you once faced more coherently and clearly.

What is the jetBlue Recruitment Process Like?

The jetBlue hiring process can vary depending on which position you have applied for. Once you have submitted your resume and your documentation has been screened, you will most likely receive a telephone call in order to set up a time to come in for an interview. Keep in mind that a pre-interview aptitude test may be part of the screening process and can determine whether or not you will be contacted to continue in the recruitment process. It is critical that you strengthen the skills desired by jetBlue in order to be considered for the position prior to submitting your application.

How Can I Prepare For My jetBlue Test?

JobTestPrep offers a wide range of test practice materials to prepare your for the jetBlue recruitment process. These materials include a number of practice tests, score reports, study guides, and more.


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